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Registration info needed.


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You just reminded me I gotta get a new sticker, mine expired 3 days ago. Dang.

Mike's the man, ALL the info is on that link.
For your pontoon, looks like you gotta register it, but won't need a title to do it. Just call the license bureau where you get your car tags if you have any questions.

And welcome to the site jerbear!

I'm wondering - what's driving your buying decision to get a pontoon, instead of maybe a johnboat? Looks like the pontoon might have a couple of advantages (lightweight, easily stored, less draft) but would seen awful restrictive to me. I'm just thinking for that amount of money, you could get a lot more boat. I'm not being critical, I'm just asking.

And, being a one-seater, you'd always have to fish alone. (Hmmm..I mighta just answered my own question)
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