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  1. bowhunter1023

    Smokers Welcome: Official Scent Smoker Thread

    It comes up enough that it earns its own thread IMO, so here it is. The official Scent Smoker thread here on TOO. I've dug up some good reviews and the like for people to read. You can also click here to purchase a smoker or watch this YouTube clip to learn more about it from our very own...
  2. Ohiosam

    ODNR official fired for fudging the numbers.

    OK it's DMRM not DoW. Makes you wonder what his motive was? Why did Ohio's state geologist get fired? Just as the Utica deep-shale oil and gas play is getting started in Ohio, bringing with it megalithic economic, political and environmental consequences, one of the state's top...
  3. jagermeister

    Official GOOD LUCK Thread

    Attention TOO Brotherhood: I know it's a little bit early for this, but I'm about to head out the door and I wanted to wish everyone here a safe, fun, and hopefully successful opening day bowhunting adventure. Good luck to all of you guys and gals that are heading to the woods tomorrow! I'm...
  4. huntn2

    Official 2011 - 2012 TOO Deer Competition

    TOO Deer Competition Rules General Rules: A minimum of 50 posts are required to participate Teams will be randomly drawn 9/12/2011 A hunter may submit a total of 3 deer in the contest but only 1 may be antlered All deer harvested during legal seasons "In" and "Out-of-State" count but...
  5. Huckleberry Finn

    Official 2011 TOO Turkey Competition

    TOO Turkey Competition Rules Team Selection Teams will be randomly drawn on April 10th at midnight. The 3-man team with the highest score wins a $25 Cabela’s giftcard. The Buddy Rule "Bonus Bird" – If you are hunting with another member from TOO who is on a different team, and together...
  6. U

    official team uglykat logo contest

    must have Team Uglykat in the logo somewhere cannot infringe on another recognized , copyrighted or trademarked logo no obscene pictures in the logo the winner will recieve a $25 gift certificate to sporting goods store of thier choice winning logo will be decided by the members...
  7. formerbowhunter1023

    Official TOO 2011 Shed Contest

    I want to keep this objective, so we'll avoid the "most unique" shed or "fan favorite" in this contest. Instead, we'll have three opportunities to win bragging rights and maybe some TOO merchandise if we have it all ready and in stock by the time the contest is over. But for now, assume you are...