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Official TOO 2011 Shed Contest


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SE Ohio
I want to keep this objective, so we'll avoid the "most unique" shed or "fan favorite" in this contest. Instead, we'll have three opportunities to win bragging rights and maybe some TOO merchandise if we have it all ready and in stock by the time the contest is over. But for now, assume you are participating for the right to be the TOO Shed King! :D

Categories include: Most sheds, biggest shed, and smallest shed. Post pictures of your sheds in this thread and keep a running tally for yourself. I’ll maintain a score sheet that we can post weekly to update everyone on the happenings of the contest. Biggest shed will be based on B&C score, as will the smallest shed and we’ll do this on the honor system. The contest is open as of noon today and will remain open until May 14th. If there are any other questions, comments, or concerns, we’ll iron those out as we go.

Good luck TOOzers!!!


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But you changed it... :D Thanks. If I get to do any major shed hunting, it will be after finals, right before I start a job/internship when I'm wasting my time and a tag sleepin in the turkey woods


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I have a knack for finding mylar happy birthday, anniversary, or get well balloons more than sheds.

Oh and if the hunting industry ever needs a world class top notch opossum guide.. I'm your man.. I found more grinners in daylight than sheds last year.. 2 years ago i found a blind one wandering in a 20 yard circle.

I'm strange like that.. Even when I hunt mushrooms.. I always find more dope plants than morel mushrooms..



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SW Ohio
This would be very cool as anyone can do well in this cat. As they lay photos. I take pics of the bones I find and it can be very interesting TOO see the culmination of pics of everyones sheds before they were touched or picked up. Here are a few of my personal favorites.