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  1. Longdraw

    Offseason Decoy project

    I've been buying a few here & there of old Herters 72 divers and a few puddlers and a few coots that were beat up,so I could burlap them and restle coat them,its been alot more than I ever thought it would be,buying all new stainless eyebolts and washers and alot of time sanding heads and...
  2. finelyshedded

    FS offseason TC pics and videos 2012

    Well guys I just put out one camera today but like JB last week, at least I got the ball rolling. I'm starting to run a cam in block of timber that I've never hunted before that I do have permission on. I've kinda stayed away from it because it's used as a bedding and staging area sometimes and...
  3. R

    Treestands in the Off-Season

    Leave 'em hang? Take 'em down? Depends? Advice? My hang-on stand and sticks are still in the woods. I will be home in a couple of weeks and will probably take it down, but it's locked on and in guarded woods. Still though...gotta protect the investment, right? Thoughts? I sure do...