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  1. bowhunter1023

    TOO Fall Outing: Strouds Run October 11-13

    Let this serve as the official thread for the fall gathering at Strouds Run to celebrate and usher in the first ever statewide antlerless muzzleloader season this October 12th and 13th. To read more about the new season and all Ohio deer hunting regulations, click HERE. For more information on...
  2. Ohiosam

    TOO waterfowlers outing

    OK fess up, which of you guys were there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIypprUDU38
  3. Huckleberry Finn

    NE OH TOO Outing - Aug 14th

    I'm organizing a TOO shoot for next Sunday. The short of it is that a bow club up here is having a shoot, Saturday and Sunday, register by noon, $10....it's a 30 target african safari 3d course. More information...
  4. bowhunter1023

    TOO Fishing Outing - May 7th and 8th - AEP Rec Land

    The wife is heading to NC the weekend of May 7-8th for a family thing and being the loving, all knowing wife she is, she didn't ask me to attend knowing full well I would politely decline! rotflmao So that means I know of one weekend where a camping trip to AEP is in order. I don't have the...
  5. "J"

    Bad ending to an outing....

    Well, yesterday went out with a buddy of mine with the two beagles.... We hit three differant spots and didn't jump but one rabbit... Not a good day at all, tracks everywhere but none fresh and kicked a lot of brush piles and didn't jump a single bunny.... To add insult to injury the last place...
  6. U

    first annual TOO catfish outing

    i figure i would get this started early , so we could come up with a date so the most people could come , im hosting a catfishing day at the paylake im affiliated with , cover charge is coverd and so is food and bait , but i need a good idea on how many people will show up so i know how much...