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  1. Rutin

    House & Plot part 2 (Pic Heavy)

    Well a little update of what I've got done so far. The plot is not going to be as big as I intended this year since I had to do all the mowing my zero turn and didn't want to beat it down to bad. I kept the plot close to Northern edge of the property along the tree line so I can conceal a blind...
  2. MandRroofing

    Cool Pic

    Thought this was neat,thought id share...
  3. JD Boyd

    Buck pic

    First cam check and I see one might turn into something...
  4. motorbreaker

    Old pic

    I wanted to put the tape to this buck but it wasent ment to be. What do you guys think he woulda scored?
  5. rooster85

    Hog pic

    Here's a sow I shot last year in CA before I deployed to Afghanistan. Dropped her in her tracks with a .30-06 high shoulder shot on the run at 115 yards. Hunting a friends ranch outside Santa Barbara about an hour or so. I'll try and get some more hog pics up for yall.
  6. Outdoorsfellar

    Amazing pic

    Nature can be a bitch...... I was given permission to post this from N.Michigan. There were a series if these pics at this spot & the remains were found about 200 yards away.
  7. Monster Raxx

    Worst trail cam pic ever?

    I say YES!!! I thought this was funny when I heard Pat did this to his boss until they sent it to me. Since I had to see it I figured the rest of you should too. Just be glad the black box is there for your version.
  8. deerslayer1985

    Got a cool pic last night!

    I got pictures of this guy last night. I reckon he is the one who destroyed our feeder last year! lol Not sure how big he, or she is. From the looks I would say 200-300 pounds.
  9. Lundy

    Awesome pic

    Friend of mine in Michigan took this in his backyard recently. He said his dog and the fawn were nose to nose with both tails wagging away. After the pic he approached them and got down on his knees and the fawn came over to him and started "snuggling" with him. If that happened to me I...
  10. Monster Raxx

    Sweet pic

    Here is one of the better pics entered into the Monster Raxx Trail Camera Contest so far. Thought I would share with every one. :)
  11. Rutin

    Kills over the years (Pic Heavy)

    Ive only been duck/goose hunting since 2004 and I usually only get to hunt the later part of the season since im so wrapped up in deer hunting and filming for people. Im a novice to say the least but I thought id share a few waterfowl pics from the past few years......
  12. Monster Raxx

    My favorite pic from last year.

    Here is my favorite trail camera pic from last year.
  13. L

    Daytime pic of a big boy

    Thought I would share this pic with you all. I love daytime trail cam pics, especially when it includes a rare specimen of a big old buck. This guy is the 2nd biggest deer I have gotten on cam, and was killed on the next property over just like the 180+ inch monster was that I posted earlier in...
  14. saddlepants

    Signature Pic?

    I tried to include a sig pic and it takes it but wont show it. Im assuming its because I need to donate? Is there a minimum supporter amount for this?:smiley_depressive:
  15. Mao

    Cool Pic

    Thought this was a pretty sweet looking picture. One of my best ever.
  16. Schu72

    How do I put a pic in my signature?

    Can I put a pic in my signature? Can't seem to figure it out on my own.
  17. JPN

    pic of a nice one

    We have a ridge that is loaded with oak trees and every year there are always tons of deer and multiple nice bucks there. I have gone back and forth with myself on whether or not to hang a camera in this area or just stay out and only go in to hunt. Well about a week and a half ago I hung a...
  18. rossbows

    pic uploading

    Im having trouble with pic uploading if they are more than 2mb it will not work. This is with my phone I don't have a computer. Is this normal or my phone?
  19. finelyshedded

    Our first bobcat pic

    My bro and I have been running cams about as long as most of you have and this past week he got a pic of our first stumped tailed putty tat. He has one video but only sent me this one pic. Has anyone else caught a pic of one lately? Here it is.......it looks to be a big one but don't know for sure.
  20. So. Ohio Outfitters

    SOO cam pic thread

    OK GUYS, we go through an average of 35,000 to 45000 pics per week depending on the rotation of cameras, i'm not posting that many of course, but I will be posting a few, hope you like them. Some of our bucks look alot alike, but they all have the same genetics as well.....i will be making...