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  1. Ohiosam

    Doing a little pre planning

    Told my wife this is how I wanted to spend eternity. :smiley_clap:
  2. Jackalope

    Jackalope's Pre season Scouting Videos.

    I'm going to start heading out more with the video camera and trying to get them on film.. I'm looking for the Wide8, Tall8 and the primary target "Tank" I managed to get some crappy footage of the Tall8 Friday but had forgotten my tripod. Tonight I got some great footage of the Wide 8 (now a...
  3. M

    christmas present

    well a couple of months ago i traded 4 a t/c encore 209x50:smiley_clap: i didn't have a good scope 4 it so i threw on a cheap old tasco 4x32,just 2 shoot. wife asked why i used my wolf instead of my t/c?i told her i felt like a fool having a $500 gun with a $19.00 scope on it!!!! wife worked...
  4. U

    just found my daughters christmas present maybe one for myself too

  5. U

    pre paid legal services ?

    well my nephew is doing it , made 400 bucks in 3 hours selling memberships , my question is has any one heard of it , and is it a scam
  6. Tree Monkey

    My favorite present of all....brings a tear to my eye.

    If she becomes a hunter I think she will be a very fashion conscious hunter. LOL