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  1. DJK Frank 16

    Lee Classic Turret Press

    I took the plunge over the weekend and equipped my shop with a reloader. Got the bench all cleaned up and and organized the night before, as well as hung a shelf for supplies. Here is all of the equipment on the shelf and bench after initial install. Ended up with a Lee Classic 4...
  2. jagermeister

    Milo, have you seen this press?

    Looks like a pretty slick set up to me. I would really like to look into that pulley system he's using... I think it would make one bad ass vertical draw board. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6QvtT-8SYk&feature=youtu.be
  3. jagermeister

    DIY Pipe Clamp Bow Press

    After hours of sifting through the threads over at AT and other sites, I decided to give this simple bow press idea a try. A lot of the threads you'll find claim that it's a 20 or 25 dollar project. I ended up spending closer to 40 bucks, but I bought all my materials at Home Depot instead of...
  4. hickslawns

    Apple Archery bow press on sale today only!

    I know jack squat about bow presses, but got an email today about the Christmas special from Bowhunterssuperstore.com website. They have been emailing daily specials all week. Today is the Apple Press bow press model "The Edge" for $239. Not sure if it is a good deal or not, but I know...
  5. Fluteman

    Bow Press, anyone got one?

    I'm looking into building a draw board/hooter shooter and also a bow press. I'm sick of taking my bow to a shop and being charged $10 to install a Peep, or asking to have the bow put in time, only to have a bow tech eyeball it and say, "yup, you're good." I wanna start working on my own...