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  1. RedCloud

    Pretty cool video

  2. Ohiosam

    Pretty ballsy

  3. finelyshedded

    Pretty cool smallie story.

    This isn't an Ohio fishing story but alittle of it taken place in Ohio. This story starts here at the Bass Pro store here near Cincinnati in the Forest Fair Mall. My brother in law took his family there back this past March to buy some fishing gear and tackle and to meet Mark Zona. Mark is...
  4. finelyshedded

    Pretty cool

    One of my BILs is very talented in the art dept. and took it upon himself to paint a Muriel (sp?) of his sons silhouette when he went turkey hunting this past year. From a photo he projected it on to his bedroom wall and traced it then painted it. I think it turned out great. Just wanted...
  5. "J"

    Pretty cool video

    A buddy of mine works for a gas well company and he was on a site and shopt this video....
  6. ohio mossy oak

    Pretty fuggin creative if you ask me...

  7. Buckmaster

    Pretty Booty

    Damn, why can't I stop watching that infomercial on ch# 270 (IDEA)? All about Brazilian butts. I'm an addict. :smiley_clap:
  8. ohio mossy oak

    Pretty sure we can all agree..This is fugging over the line

  9. finelyshedded

    Pretty awesome NEWS FLASH!

    For me this news I got this late morning was pretty cool! One of my best and closest friends from back home in Morgan County sent me a text saying that his son Adam just came in 2nd place in the bowhunter divison at the World IBO Championship in NY! I just wanted TOO share with y'all! Congrats...
  10. Ohiosam

    Pretty big deal for my family.

    I knew this was coming, still it brought up some emotions that I'd buried. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend.
  11. "J"

    VW... Pretty cool plant

    Check out this plant that VW runs over in Germany... Pretty cool high tech stuff.... http://www.flixxy.com/high-tech-car-factory.htm