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  1. Beentown

    Beentown 9-13 pull

    Had a good pull. 487 pics in two weeks all bucks and one doe. May as well get to the pics and some may be repeats of the same bucks for different angles.... Good youngin... Hello! More of him to come...
  2. A

    First pull

  3. themedic

    First pull of 2013

    Pulled the SD cards out of 3 cams today. One was a total bust but the the others produced a shooter each. I re-baited them with some corn and I'll let thm sit another week, then pull them a relocate them in new spots. Enjoy I'll need a name for this dude This buck is a stud! Very...
  4. teej89

    First pull on new property

    Here's the first pull I've made on the 50 acres I've been given permission to hunt on. Lots of pics, got pics every day for two weeks but no shooter bucks unfortunately. I'll share just a couple of em, lots of doe pics. Enjoy! This one is probably my favorite just wish it was...
  5. dante322

    Todays card pull

    Finally had a chance to check my cams today after a month long soak. I decided to pull the moultre completely to get new batteries in it and because this area is so mosquito infested i didnt want to go back in again for a while. After seeing what has been showing up I figure i'm gonna stay out...
  6. P

    FOR SALE Scentblocker 1/4 zip fleece pullover

    I bought this last season it's realtree ap on the top and brown on the bottom. It's a 2XL it's great to wear by itself on those cool October mornings or under your coat on them cold November mornings. No rips or tears and comes from a smoke and pet free home. I paid $70 for it I would like to...
  7. Monster Raxx

    What poundage do you pull?

    With these new faster bows, you dont need to pull as much poundage any more. What is your bow set at?
  8. buckbuster217

    Todays card pull

    pulled the card on one of the cams this morning, looks good for this area, the damn yote is getting deflated if I see him!!
  9. 5Cent

    Pull Town USA

    Anyone else going:pickle: We'll be there all weekend starting tomorrow thru Sunday. Give me a hollar if you want to drop in and have a cold one.....unless you're a Red fan.
  10. Tree Monkey

    just couldn't make myself pull back this morning....

    Went out to the bowhunt only woods in my new set up with the fixed stand chad gave me. Set it about 15 yds off a trail and close to were I had a chance at a doe last week. About 9:00 am I see a deer making its way to me so I get ready and see antlers about this time my heart is pumping and I get...