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just couldn't make myself pull back this morning....

Went out to the bowhunt only woods in my new set up with the fixed stand chad gave me. Set it about 15 yds off a trail and close to were I had a chance at a doe last week. About 9:00 am I see a deer making its way to me so I get ready and see antlers about this time my heart is pumping and I get ready for a shot and about twenty yards away I notice he only has one side and he is a BIG half racket...would be a tall and thick 8pt with both sides. It looks like he shed it a while ago. Didn't seem to be sick or hurt but did look like a young deer. I thought about shooting him and looking for his shed the rest of the winter but only for 5 mins. As he browsed in front of me for ten mins.He should be a monster next year. Had some does go by later but none were within my range. Promised the daughter I would take her to a girls basketball game so off to do that and work on th house later. Maybe I will hunt tomorrow morning......pretty confident I did the rift thing....after spouting that I would take any deer right now in my career but there was just something that didn't feel right about shooting him.
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If you feel like you did the right thing, then it was the right thing for you to do. He was legal to take either way and it sounds like you gave him the opportunity to reach a higher potential. Thanks for the read.