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  1. Ohiosam

    I read this Saturday and I'm still chuckling

    There hasn’t been a sighting of a White-throated Needletail in the United Kingdom for 22 years, so nearly 80 birdwatchers flocked to Scotland this week to get a look, the Telegraph reported. But instead of enjoying the world’s fastest flying bird soaring, they watched it fly into the small...
  2. moundhill

    Decent Read

    Pretty good article from Outdoornews.com about the upcoming turkey season.. http://www.outdoornews.com/March-2012/Ohio-turkey-outlooks-likely-to-hinge-on-older-gobblers-toms/
  3. Beentown

    Mark this thread read...

    Joe, Been having an issue where even if I mark a forum read in the forum tools section it still comes back as blue "unread threads". Just an FYI. Beentown
  4. Jackalope

    *READ* Forum Rules for Posting.

    This forum is for the posting of trail cam pictures of people who you found trespassing. It is also for the posting of Items that have been stolen from you so members can "Be on the Lookout". It is NOT for posting news articles, 2nd hand stories, or speculation like "I think so-in-so poached my...
  5. Bowhunter57

    Read this, before you buy a 1911

    Larry Vickers has been there and done that, when it comes to the 1911 pistol. The strong "romantic" appeal of a 1911 is hard to resist, unless you're it's your CCW. After reading this article, I'll choose another style of pistol, in 45acp...
  6. bowhunter1023

    TOO Decals: A MUST READ!!!

    Here’s what is going on with the decals… Attached are proofs of the three logo designs we are going to use for our decal designs. You’ll notice that I cleaned up the turkey a little by making the head a little larger, and disconnecting the beard from the limb. The deer and the skull logo both...
  7. Jackalope

    Site Migration. Please Read...

    . I have decided to leave the site up through the migration this evening... At 5PM this evening or a little before, you will see the following message scrolling at the top of the page... Kind of self-explanatory... I just thought it might be a better idea If you guys can use the site and...
  8. Milo

    A must read

  9. U

    no joke please read and spread the word

    as of january 6th it is illegal to sell , buy , trade reptilia in ohio , consisting of crocodylia (aligators ) boidea (constrictors ) and many other reptiles john kasich passed a emergency law that now makes buying selling and trading of these pets along with many other animals beside reptiles ...
  10. Beentown

    Who do you read?

    Just curious what authors you guys read or recommend? I get on one author and I stick with them. Also, if you were to recommend one book from that author what would it be? So far I have read everything from: Tom Clancy (originals only no co-writes) Without Remorse Vince Flynn Transfer of...