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A must read


Tatonka guide.
there is supposed to be more. I am getting on the mailing list for more info...looks like the color copier is gonna be busy...


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Sticky material?

Great stuff!

bumpity bump bump

Phil if you're seriously thinking about getting into DIY tuning, do yourself a favor... Print this guide out and put it in a 3-ring binder. I've gone to this guide countless times over the past couple years, and having it handy on the workbench is much nicer than digging it up online every time.


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NW Ohio
I might just do that Jim. I am baby stepping it. Wanting to learn more and knowing there is much to learn helps keep me grounded. I want to broaden my archery knowledge and abilities. I know my knowledge base is not as broad as it could be. I also realize flooding my brain with all the info in there at once could be counterproductive. There was a TON of info in there.