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  1. CJD3

    Bike and sled side-by-side world record attempt on ESPN right now

    This should be cool. Bike and sled side-by-side world record attempt on ESPN now. http://www.redbullusa.com/cs/Satellite/en_US/New-Year.-No-Limits.-2011-New-Year%E2%80%99s-Eve-Event/001242797773354 800cc sled. both need to hit over 106mph to break the record. started at 11:00pm-12:oopm
  2. saddlepants

    Just for the record!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got an A in my english class. The one with the Essay? My first A ever in my life for an Academic class. Thanks again for the help from some of you guys:smiley_clap:
  3. Ohiosam

    I think Joe should try to break this record.

  4. ohio mossy oak

    This guy will kill the next World Record Whitetail

  5. Bowhunter57

    Wanna be part of a Guinness Book of World Record?

    The big event is going to be on May 21st, (Saturday) 2011. It'll be the largest "raft" of canoes and kayaks in the world. Cleveland is looking to reclaim the record, as Pittsburg currently has it. This looks like a great way to get into the Guinness Book of World Records and have some fun doing...
  6. ohio mossy oak

    How many guys believe that there is a walking World Record buck in OH

    How many guys believe that there is a walking World Record buck either Non Typical or Typical, P&Y or B&C in this state right now? That would mean it would have to beat these scores: P&Y Typical..........204 4/8 Non Typical...294 0/8 B&C Typical...........213 5/8 Non Typical....322 4/8s
  7. Bowhunter57

    Guinness Book World Record

    There's an event scheduled for May 21st, on Hinckely Lake Dam, near Richfield, Ohio for setting a new Guinness Book World Record...for the largest raft of canoes and kayaks. The previous record was held by Cleveland and now Pittsburg has it, but Cleveland wants it back. :smiley_bril...
  8. Jackalope

    Record Minnesota Elk Found Pinned Alive.

    Ryan Muirhead set out on the morning of December 12 with hopes of filling his whitetail tag on the final day of Minnesota’s muzzleloader season. What he found instead--a huge 9 x 10 elk pinned flat on its back, alive, with its massive antlers stuck in the mud. Muirhead was able to free the...
  9. Bowhunter57

    New Nebraska State Record?

    I ran across this article about a possible new Nebraska State Record. It would've been nice to have taken this deer with a bow, instead of a rifle. Just the same, it's a dandy. :smiley_coolpeace...