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Record Minnesota Elk Found Pinned Alive.


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Ryan Muirhead set out on the morning of December 12 with hopes of filling his whitetail tag on the final day of Minnesota’s muzzleloader season. What he found instead--a huge 9 x 10 elk pinned flat on its back, alive, with its massive antlers stuck in the mud. Muirhead was able to free the animal, though it died from the ordeal two days later. Click through to find out how he was able to claim a trophy from this tragic freak occurrence that should rewrite the record books for Minnesota and the world.

The rack green-scored 475 5/8 gross, with a net of 456 4/8 on the Boone & Crockett scale. An updated score will be forthcoming after the 60-day drying period, and a special judging panel convening in 2013 would need to weigh in before anything becomes official. But based on the green score alone, the elk ranks as the third largest nontypical in the world and the largest ever in Minnesota.

The Boone & Crockett world record nontypical elk, a 9 x 14 taken in 2008 on public land in Utah, scored 478 5/8 with a gross of 499 3/8. The current no. 2 scored 465 2/8 and the current no. 3 scored 450 6/8.

More pics and story



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Sunbury, OH
I know you guys (myself included) love our big bucks but....I would rather have a chance at that elk than any whitetail.