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  1. dante322

    Bowfishing rig?

    cleaning out the closet today, i found my old Bear Kodiak Magnum compound. Not sure how old it is, late 70s early 80s i would imagine. Anyway, I'm thinking of making a bowfishing rig out of it. What all would i need? it doesnt have a rest, sight, peep... nothing. There is a tap for a stabilizer...
  2. Riverdude

    A day on Rig 317.

    Just your average day on my Rig.
  3. Rutin

    Updated hunting rig!!!

  4. cotty16

    Alabama Rig

    You guys ever hear of, or use, an Alabama Rig? My dad said he was watching a fishing show and theyw ere talking about it in tournament fishing. All I know right now is that it mimicks a school of shad. Here are a few links if you are interested. If you have any insight, please share...
  5. Kaiser878

    My new rig!

    Finally got her all complete! 61lb 312 grain arrow 301fps
  6. S

    New Hunting rig?

    Anyone getting a new rig for next season. I hope to have my new rig set to go for late winter 3-D's. I have a K&K Vindicator on order. -Spot