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New Hunting rig?


Senior Member
Athens County
I might step up to an alphamax and put the vectrix on the back burner. I need to shoot that hoyt maxiss also and see what thats all about. Time will tell. I gotta fill my buck tag first before i start thinking about it!


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I may be in the market for a new bow depending on what the future holds. I will probably hold onto my Elite though, I love that bow!
Dang, Greg... that was shortlived LOL. All kidding aside, I know how you feel. I love this Z28, but having a brand new bow now makes me want ANOTHER brand new bow! This can't be good. lmao


Junior Member
I have no problem getting rid of my old bows. Usually keep them for 2-3 years then get a new one. I have had my current set-up for 25 months. It's a 2009 bowtech admiral. Sweet shooting center pivot bow. It will be for sale in January when my new K&K gets here.

Look in to K&K. Kevin Strother is the designer and owner. He has made some of the best bows of all time. IMHO, For companies such as Bowtech, Elite, and Strothers. Many, many in the industry consider him to be the best designer there is.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I'm struggling with what to do right now. I don't need a new bow, but want one. I've spent most of my life fulfiling my wants and I know it's time to grow out of that with kids in the future. But that makes me want to buy a new one and be happy with what I have before I become a dad considering the buying of new bows on a whim goes out the window at that point! Then there's the part of me that likes my bow. But what about the part of me that wants even better performance?


It's a damn sickness I tell you!!!