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  1. Buckmaster

    ConQuest Scent Sticks VS-1

    Anyone have a positive reviews on this product? http://whitetail.esecureorder.net/shop/product_info.php?products_id=38 I picked up a container today while at Gander Mountain. I figured I'd try it during the rut this year for trial.
  2. M

    Scent control

    I as watching the Outdoor Channel last night and seen a ad for a new scent control product. I think it was a new Primos product. It listed and shows examples of scents controlled and even eliminated smoke. Now I must admit a year ago before joining the TOO forum I would have thought smoke was...
  3. bowhunter1023

    Smokers Welcome: Official Scent Smoker Thread

    It comes up enough that it earns its own thread IMO, so here it is. The official Scent Smoker thread here on TOO. I've dug up some good reviews and the like for people to read. You can also click here to purchase a smoker or watch this YouTube clip to learn more about it from our very own...
  4. jagermeister

    First Opening Day Harvest

    It only took me 14 years of bowhunting to finally fill a tag on opening day of bow season. Not that I've never had the chance before, it's just never happened. The conditions were absolutely fantastic yesterday morning... a little nip in the air, a balmy 42-degrees. It sure was nice to be up...
  5. jagermeister

    First bath...

    Nothing like dropping virgin camo in for it's first bath. The only thing better is it's first smoke... :smiley_bril:
  6. Jackalope

    Scent Smokers Are In.

    . The sites up and the Smokers are in. SS is now accepting orders. :pickle: www.ScentSmoker.com
  7. Archertl

    Scent Smoking in the movies!

    If you have netflix watch the movie The Hunter. The plot is insanely stupid but the hunting, bushcrafting, and trapping are the most accurate I have ever seen on screen. He even smokes his cloths over a fire. The only thing they didn't get right is the "Hunter" doesn't dye and wax his leg...
  8. brock ratcliff

    Scent Smoker website

    Joe is starting to work on the new site. We need pics and testimonials to add to it. I'd like to keep Joe busy adding content for some time, so if you have used the SS, like what you saw, we'd love to hear about it! Pics would be greatly appreciated too!
  9. U

    my scent smoker experience

    ya heard it before , and gonna hear it again . I was very skeptic over the scent smoker , i baught one second hand back in november figured i would give it a try , boy o boy if i would have had this the 8 pointer i hunted this year would be on my wall right now, i really didnt get to use it to...
  10. Big H

    Scent Smoker?

    Is Buckeye Cam no longer carrying the Scent Smoker? If not, where do you get one? I have a friend that is interested in buying one.
  11. jagermeister

    My testament to the Scent Smoker

    Like many others, I was skeptical of the Scent Smoker for the first few years that I was aware of it. Finally, last season I took the plunge and bought one... and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it. Since then, I've had a few deer get downwind of me that never paid much...
  12. Beentown

    Scent Smoker

    Anyway to get a smoker without paying the shipping? $14 buck to have it shipped in state is crazy?
  13. hickslawns

    Scent Control 101

    Obviously, the number one thing we can do as hunters is play the wind. However, we all know there are going to be times when deer come in down wind or from an unexpected direction. I figured I would start this thread so we can all chime in on what some of the basics are for beating a deer's...
  14. swamp_donkey819

    ever calm deer herd scent

    anyone every try the evercalm deer herd scent stick, watched a couple videos and it seems to work really well as an attractant and scent cover, wondering if anyone has ever used it and has comments about it.
  15. Rutin

    Scent Smoker

    What company has the best deal on the best smoker? Also where does everybody get their wood chips?
  16. ohio mossy oak

    Scent smoker...Is the extra stuff really needed?

    OK...Ya'll got me sold on the scent smoke enough to THINK about trying it..Do I need the kit with the torch etc...Or not?
  17. hickslawns

    DEAL Scent Killer spray

    I received my order of Scent Killer spray from Sportsman's Guide late last week. 2 gallons for $22.50. I bought 4 gallons to make my shipping free and supply one of my buddys. I already had a couple other things on the order so it didn't take much to get over the $100 mark for free shipping...
  18. D

    Scent lok, scent blocker..worth it?

    Curious of how many of you feel the scent lok/blocker clothing is worth the money..... I personally only buy it when it is on sale. When I mean on sale, I am talking about getting it for 30-40% off of more. There is no way I would buy that stuff for retail. Having said that, it does give...
  19. ohio mossy oak

    The Best Spray to Inhibit Your Scent

    A good article about about different scent reduction sprays etc etc. For an avid hunter, avoiding the white flag is critical in the pursuit of the whitetail deer. A whitetail’s nose is 4,000 times more effective at distinguishing scents then a human, according to Missouri Conservationist...
  20. jagermeister

    Scent Smoker and Pine Chips???

    Have any of you guys smoked up with pine chips yet? One of the local ag stores near me has big bags of pine chips on sale for $4.49 right now and I'm wondering if it's worth trying. I'm assuming there'd be more sap in the pine chips than say hickory or apple... would this foul up the inside of...