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  1. cotty16

    Cotty's 2013-14 season

    With the season starting tomorrow, I figure I'd get started with my journal. I was off today. It was a teacher workday for new teachers doing a child abuse seminar. I already know how to abuse kids so I didn't need to go. I spent the morning putting up my final stand. With Kody and Klay...
  2. reo

    Early Season Skeeters

    What do you use to keep the skeeters at bay and make the time on stand tolerable during the early season while not stinking up the entire woods thus spooking every deer around?
  3. finelyshedded

    Getting my daughters xbow season ready

    Well, so far my oldest daughter Karissa has really impressed me with her ambition to get after it. She's been asking when she could shoot her papaws xbow so today we went and did it. Unfortunately of all his arrows we could find any two that grouped! WTH? He has an older Horton with a Horton...
  4. Bowlowe

    Gettin her ready for deer bow season

    Out today doin a little shootin making sure the bows are dialed in ( we shoot all year long ). Set up a 3d course with targets ranging from 20 to 40 yds plus the ladder stand. Snapped this picture of my wife shooting. Got our spot set up first of august, been getting some decent trail cam...
  5. teej89

    Dove Season

    Hey guys I'm looking at going out for some doves to kill the time till bow season starts. However the land I have out west there isn't much of a dove population for what I've seen so far. Not that I've been looking that hard. But I was looking at checking out Delaware Wildlife Area and...
  6. Thunderflight

    Hunting Season Fitness

    Just curious if anyone hits the gym a little more before deer or any other hunting season? I didn't do a lot of research, but I totally agree with this article about the chances of having a heart attack while hunting are greater than getting hit by a stray bullet...
  7. Rutin

    Late season hunt?

    I know this is super early to ask but I've seen a lot more interest in waterfowlers on this site over the past year. I think it would be nice to put some faces with names. I've got several fields this year that are corn that ALWAYS produce good numbers of geese late season. Who would be...
  8. Ohiosam

    Indian considers a primitive ML season.

    From another forum. I said last year if they were going to have the early doe season make it like this. Below, is the language of the proposed primitive muzzleloader season for Indiana. Below that are the comments I sent them. In sending those comments, it appears that you need not be...
  9. Bowhunter57

    Well... How did your turkey season go?

    It wasn't the fact that I didn't get a turkey, it was the lack of finding the birds. They were all over the place, answering my calls and being seen on a regular basis. Then the farmers planted the fields around the wooded areas and the birds flat out disappeared. I spotted a hen, called a her...
  10. Rutin

    Is it season yet.....?!?

    Its bitter sweet building history throughout the summer...... but I sure wish something was in season that I like to hunt! Little Leg Iron
  11. finelyshedded

    Finelyshedded Turkey 2013 Spring season

    I'm about the most novice of most of the turkey hunters on this site but wanted to start my season off with a thread. It will consist of pics and videos of scouting trips,trail camera shots and actual hunting views and such. My cameras will be going up very soon, hopefully this week, and I'm...
  12. Huckleberry Finn

    Turkey Season Countdown!

    43 days! I'm fired up for this turkey season! I'm planning on doing some scouting between now and the opening morning, but I've already got a flock patterned historically and the winter flock numbers have been really good. I'm planning on picking up a Keystone Wedge. I'm debating...
  13. jagermeister

    2012-2013 Waterfowl Season Dates Approved

    Wildlife Council Approves 2012-13 Waterfowl Hunting Season Dates Daily bag limit for geese will be raised to three COLUMBUS, OH - The 2012-13 waterfowl hunting season dates have been approved by the Ohio Wildlife Council, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ (ODNR) Division of...
  14. Fullbore

    pistol cartridges for deer gun season?

    Now that I have scratched a few heads. What is everyone's thoughts on hunting deer with rifles in pistol cartridges such as 45/70's, 44, 375, 444? Just asking. My reasoning is ammo is so expensive and the thought of reloading is so much cheaper. Box of 5 sabots are 20.00 or so. I like to shoot...
  15. Schu72

    Monster bucks found locked on Dream Season

    Did anyone else see last nights episode? I'm not a regular viewer, just happened to be channel surfing. Anyway the father son team (I Think) were heading into their stand location and found their two biggest buck locked up in a field. These deer both had to be 170+. They knew both deer...
  16. "J"

    Getting ready for season

    I know this has been brought up before but I figured I'd say it again.... If you out setting up stands please bring a long your safety harnesses and WEAR them...... I've seen some photo's of folks setting up stands and not a one wearing a harness..... It only takes a second too have an oh shit...
  17. Curran

    Migratory Bird Season Dates

    SWEET!!!! Moorhen season kicks in on Sept 1st :smiley_clap: Ohio Wildlife Council Approves Migratory Bird Season Dates JUL 19 Mercer Canada Goose Zone to be open during the early goose season COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Wildlife Council has approved the state's early migratory...
  18. Jackalope

    Jackalope's Pre season Scouting Videos.

    I'm going to start heading out more with the video camera and trying to get them on film.. I'm looking for the Wide8, Tall8 and the primary target "Tank" I managed to get some crappy footage of the Tall8 Friday but had forgotten my tripod. Tonight I got some great footage of the Wide 8 (now a...
  19. dante322

    Dantes 2012 /13 season pics

    Havent had a lot of studs show up but I am getting some regular visitors. These guys have been showing up pretty much every morning and again in the evening. He came back and brought a friend, right side. and then another, left side There are a couple other smaller...
  20. Monster Raxx

    First Bow Hunt of the season

    Tomorrow will be my first turkey bow hunt of the season. It is super warm so I do not know what to expect. The only thing I do know is that I am in the on deck circle. My son Justin gets first crack. I will be running the camera to try video his first turkey kill.