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  1. Bowhunter57

    Pheasant Skinning Technique

    I wanted to post this where it would get the most exposure, for responses. A buddy of mine, was given 5 pheasants, that were shot at a game preserve. He wanted to know if I wanted some of them. I said that I'd pass, cause I didn't want to get into skinning and I'm definately not plucking...
  2. R

    The Deer Skinning Challenge

    I know that Jesse and Mark have both bragged about this, but dang... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmW87RoU7-8&feature=player_embedded Comments: Why is he wearing a dress shirt? That is a VERY sharp knife. So that's what it's like to take care of a skinny, warm southern deer...
  3. Buckrun

    Skinning coyote ?

    Ok I skinned my first coyote last night. I have a set up I used for skinning coon that worked real good on them. Here is picture. I put the hind legs in the choker chains and clamp the hide after I started skinning in the vicegrips. The gambles are hanging on a hoist that pulled the coon...