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Skinning coyote ?


Junior Member
Ok I skinned my first coyote last night. I have a set up I used for skinning coon that worked real good on them. Here is picture.

I put the hind legs in the choker chains and clamp the hide after I started skinning in the vicegrips. The gambles are hanging on a hoist that pulled the coon up out of the hide. There are 3 pcs. of rebar welded to the mouth of each vice grip to give them a little wider grip on the hide.

When I tried to use it on a red fox a couple years ago it tore the hide. I thought a coyotes hide would be tougher. But it tore also when I tried ot use it. I think the problem was the hide had cooled down. It had been 24 hours since it had been killed. Also I think I may have been pulling to soon. I think if I had skinned the coyote just a little farther around the belly it may have worked.

Do any of you trappers on here skin your coyotes with something like this? Or do you just pull and pull and pull until your hands feel like they are going to cramp up and never work right again!?:smiley_baby::smiley_depressive:


Junior Member
It also works for skinning deer. Just be careful if it is a buck. This is a picture of a small buck a friend of mine killed a few years ago. Right after we took this picture we tried to pull the hide a little farther and it pinched the antlers together and popped the skull plate.



Junior Member
I have a skinning rig that we have used on coyotes several times. We have had no problems at all. We still do a little bit more knife work than you do on a coon. When pulling with the winch we usually hold the tail also with your hand as you pull. You might have to wrap it around your hand at least once so it doesn't slip. When cold and stiff they are one tuff animal to get skinned out. :tantrum:


Tree Monkey

NW ohio
We just use two choker chains for the legges and a pair of vise grips and us young guys pull and cut. The old fellows just watch and yell at us and say we are going to screw it up but hardly every do. I think they just like yelling


Junior Member
When I built the shop I had them put two 6" PVC clean outs in the floor. There is a piece of 1/2" plate about 16" sq. below the concrete with an eye bolt sticking up through in the bottom of the hole.

I use a 1350 lb. hoist to lift the animal. I have skinned a few deer. Last couple years I did a bunch of coon with the base and hoist. The base will spin and the gamblel will spin.

There is also a drain in the floor. You can't see because the base of the red skinner is setting on it.