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  1. Quantum673

    Need New Slug Gun Sight

    I bought a new Mossberg 500 last year befor gun season. Love the gun except the scope that came with it. I am looking to get a new sight and want to get TOO's suggestions. I think I want something with no magnification or very little mag. I would say a 3x would be the max but probably a 2x...
  2. Full bore

    Best rifled slug going?

    So what's everyone shooting out of their slug guns this season? I like the Barnes expander in 3 inch 20 gauge, myself.
  3. rgecko23

    Mossburg 500 bantam with flield slug combo

    Anyone know what this would be worth. Its about 3 years old and hardly used. A friend is looking to sell it. probably in the wrong forum, sorry
  4. O

    12 guage slug gun help

    today was the last day of shotgun season and my dad had his first chance to get a shot at a deer and he could not find her in his scope on account of not enough eye relief hes looking to get a new scope but what he needs something with a lot of eye relief 4 and a half to 5 inches i"m here...
  5. Bowhunter57

    Would you intentionally use a slug gun for coyotes?

    Sometimes there are opportunities of getting to shoot a coyote during the Deer Gun Season, but I've never had the chance. I'm guessing that a deer slug would knock a coyote into the next county. After having shot my first deer with a rifled slug barrel, using saboted ammo, the deer that I shot...
  6. Bowhunter57

    First kill with my new barrel!!!

    This new cantalever rifled barrel is extremely accurate and I'm very impressed with the knock-down power of these Federal Vital-Shock Sabots. The shot was about 40 yards, from my Summit Viper treestand. I watched the 3 does for about 20 minutes before making a shot. I was waiting on the 3rd...
  7. Bowhunter57

    Slug barrel or Slug Gun?

    I have a Mossberg 500 Turkey Special, that I use for HD and coyotes. I've considered getting a rifled cantalever slug barrel for it. However, for the same money (or a little less), I could get a H&R Ultra Slug Hunter and a small scope or red dot on it. * Ultra Slug Hunter? * Rifled...
  8. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Remington 12G rifled slug barrel

    My buddy doesn't log on here and doesn't want a bunch of internet attention to his guns. I told him I would list it and field questions. He just bought a Remington 870 with the rifled slug barrel. He wants to sell the barrel off it and just use it as a home defense piece. He already has...