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  1. badger

    Waking Up Some Squirrels

    I doubt I'll have much time to bow hunt this year, so I am going to hunt some squirrels when I have the time. This morning I'm headed to a buddies place to wake a few up. Getting ready to fry some taters, bacon, and eggs to start out my morning! I'll update as I go.....
  2. swamp_donkey819

    squirrels with warbles

    found this today cause i was unsure about eating squirrels with warbles early in the season, im guessing with would go the same for deer also. http://www.ohiogamefishing.com/community/showthread.php?t=128081
  3. 1hornwilly

    Kilt some squirrels.

    I went out with my son, brother and nephew today. We hit the squirrel woods for a couple hours and it was a blast. It really could not have gone any better. My son, Noah is 12 and loves to hunt, but never has been interested in the kill part himself. Likes to watch me shoot, but not much of...