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Kilt some squirrels.


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I went out with my son, brother and nephew today. We hit the squirrel woods for a couple hours and it was a blast. It really could not have gone any better. My son, Noah is 12 and loves to hunt, but never has been interested in the kill part himself. Likes to watch me shoot, but not much of a fan when it comes to him holding a gun...so I just figure the time will come when he wants to and we'll just let it happen. Never push him to kill something, but do make him shoot little guns he can handle (.22, .410 etc.) just so he knows how to handle a gun. I figure it's part of becoming a man. But, I've never made him shoot at anything live.

He wanted to take an air rifle today for the squirrel hunt, so I let him. My brother's son is 3 and he was all about a morning in the woods with the men. It was about as good of a trip as it could have been. Within 2 minutes of getting out of the truck we saw 2 squirrels. I shot one, then my brother shot one. The boys tracked them down and brought them back. They were jacked for the rest of the morning. We saw squirrels all morning and Noah shot at about 10 of them...missed them all :) Then he asked if he could shoot a crow up high in a pine...I figured, what the heck...sure... well, he nailed it. He was so proud. It was his first kill and he will remember the day for years to come. So will I.

A great January day in the Florida squirrel woods. Here's the harvest minus the black bird. We gave him a proper burial:smiley_bril: My nephew found an old cow jawbone...he carried it around all morning. Awesome.



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Nice read.... Glad to youngins had a good time.... I never pushed the kids to come along they just always wanted too.... The Son still does the Daughter is too much of a woman now too enter the woods lol... Keep them coming when they want to go and you'll always have a bond that no mom can share lol.... Just sayin..... PS... the Daughter will fish as much as I go though lol.... She's even fished a few tourneys with me....