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  1. Ohiosam

    It really is starting to look like a boom!

    Yesterday... LISBON - Chesapeake Energy Corp. announced Tuesday it plans to construct a shale gas processing complex as part of a $900 million, five-year investment in Columbiana County. Although the news release issued by Chesapeake failed to state where the processing facility would be...
  2. Bowhunter57

    Farm Ponds are starting to warm up!

    It's typical of this time of the year, but the farm ponds are the first ones to warm up. I hit a local pond, today and noticed the fishfinder was marking them higher in the water. The temps were in the upper 50s. I used a shad colored crankbait to catch this guy...a 14" largemouth. A nice...
  3. Boone

    Starting on this year's projects

    Last weekend I finally caught a break with the kid’s sports schedules to head down 77 and do some post season scouting and begin work on this year’s projects. As usual, we didn’t find any sheds. I have only found a handful of sheds my whole life, even when looking purposefully for them. Right...
  4. JD Boyd

    They're starting to grow

    While scouting for turks this morning I saw a group of 7 bucks and one had about two inches of growth. Time to get the salt blocks out...
  5. Mountaineer

    It's starting..

    Here we go..