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  1. Bowhunter57

    Doe Tag Loop Hole?

    A couple of weeks ago, a guy I know was talking with a GW at a gun show. He was telling the GW that he had shot a buck and his doe tags weren't going to be any good for Zone B, when the Deer Gun Season started. The GW said that's not true. He told the guy that he could still purhase a Special...
  2. Mao

    Wish I still had a buck tag...

    This stud just showed up right under my nose...Hope my dad can get a crack at him...
  3. "J"

    New clothes tag

  4. hunterkid94

    I am alive.

    Yeah long time no post. But Im out of school so ill make some more time for this place:) In recent news, Ive fished a good bit but forgot my camera a few days. But Im trying to put together some clips for a new video. Happy fishing everyone! -Kyle.
  5. Kujo

    put in some work today in hopes to fill another tag before the end!

    Well, I spent a little over 2 hours today at my only hunting property. I added the rest of my corn to the pile, and shoveled out a long path linking both of my stands to the bait pile. I took the time to add in turns here and there to give me some nice broadside shots. They most be bedding...