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  1. Bowlowe

    Need a new target

    Were getting close, 8 days left so I went out tonight to do some shooting....this was cut short by my 3d target splitting in half (been doing a lot of shooting). Good luck to everyone this season........now where did I put my Duct tape lol
  2. Thunderflight

    Target panic!!!!

    I never thought I'd suffer from Target Panic, but I'm pretty sure I've got it. I have developed a bad case of anticipating the shot and jerking like I'm startled when I shoot. The result is a wide and dispersed pattern that has no consistently. By the end of my shooting session I've usually...
  3. Mike

    Last Man Exploding Targets

    I work with one of the owners of Last Man Exploding Targets. I told him about the TOO shoot and he is giving me some product to raffle off on Saturday. He also generated a coupon code for 10% off their products. The coupon code is TOO.
  4. Bowhunter57

    What's your target lake, this year?

    I want to try out some new waters this year. Lake Erie is one lake that I'd like to try, perhaps along Metzger's Marsh area. Kiser Lake isn't new for me, but I plan on spending more time there. Also, my brother and I want to plan a 2 day trip to try out some of the A.E.P. lakes, with our...
  5. Mike

    Made a box target

    My new crossbow was going right through my old bag target. Pretty scary stuff. I'm going to test this out today and I'll let you know how it goes. I took black sheet plastic and then the thicker white plastic and layered it inside of a box. I can't see this thing not stopping and arrow half ay...
  6. 5Cent

    Which target

    Time for a new target. The current POS will be used for broadheads, the next will be FP's only. Any reviews on the block black? Looking at 18" version, but finding lots of good reviews for the rineharts.
  7. xbowguy

    Turkey Target

    You all may have this already. We blew it up to normal turkey size and ran off several copies for our hunting folder. Cheap and a bit realistic for sighting in a pattern.
  8. M

    next years target

    what's the thoughts
  9. Longdraw

    Targets for next season!!!

    #1 #2 This guy is horny!!!!!!!!!
  10. Bowhunter57

    Target practise...at night?

    I've not done any night practising, at the target range. So, providing the target is illuminated and there's sufficient lighting at the bench...shouldn't everything else be the same? My reason for posting the question, in the first place, is that I'm running into a time issue. I'm bowhunting...
  11. Schu72

    Still no targets

    Checked my trail cam on Saturday. I had moved it away from my trophy rock three weeks ago because I've only had one buck on camera since late may from that location. I thought the new spot was going to produce good activity and hopfully a few nice bucks. Boy was I wrong. I probably had half...
  12. FredT

    FOR SALE BSA .22 LR for you target shooters.

    For sale is a BSA Model 12 in .22 LR. The receiver was built in 1932-1939. It has a custom heavy target barrel. There are no markings as to who the barrel maker is. The scope is a Unertl 12x Ultra Varmint. The take off barrel (which has been D&T years ago for scope bases) and fore end come...
  13. swamp_donkey819

    WTB 3-d target

    looking for a cheap used 3-d deer target, something not all shot up to where a kids bow can shoot through it but something that someone might have upgraded from and just has sittin around. also might be looking for a set of cheap sights and a drop away rest
  14. J

    Tar Hollow State Forest?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has done any turkey hunting in this area, and if so how they did?
  15. Mao

    Dad's late season target

    We are getting pics of this buck right in the orchard that I took my buck. We have had a blind set there for about 4-5 weeks now and we hunted it for the first time last night. This buck came to 25 yards broadside last night but it was way to dark for my dad to take the shot and so dark that I...