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  1. DJK Frank 16

    DJK Frank 16's Trail Cam Thread

    Got a chance to pull my lone camera I have out this year after almost a month soak. 644 pictures. No big bucks but some young bucks, a few does, and a fawn. This is all from a small tract of family owned ground that I would love to harvest a deer off of this year. Here are a couple of the...
  2. huntn2

    huntn2 - 2013 Spypoint Trail Camera Pics/Videos

    Well, I only have 1 camera out so far this year and finally changed out the card for the 1st time today. Had some great videos. Have 2 bucks that are shooters in my book. One is a 10pt and 1 is a 9pt. Then I had the up and commer bucks and regular doe groups on video. One of my favorites...
  3. JPN

    jpn 2013 trail cam

    I'm really behind this year on getting cams out. I only have 2 out right now and here's all I've got so far....
  4. xbowguy

    Xbow, ZJ and Braydon's Trail Cam Pic's

    Getting a late start as usual. First camera pull should be this Sunday. Had Grandson Braydon out on his "New" 4-wheeler helping to hang camera's. He also freshened the minerals at several sites. His is sure looking forwards to this season. Didn't know how little I knew about hanging...
  5. Monster Raxx

    Who Would Like To Win A FREE Trail Camera

    Ok it is time I get the fourth annual Monster Raxx trail camera contest going this year. It will run from now through December. I will pick a monthly winner for June to December, they will receive 2 bags of Monster Raxx Trophy Minerals and a bottle of our attractant. Then I will pic my 2...
  6. bigten05

    bigtens 2013 trail cams

    i dont have many pics rigth now , ive only checked one camera thats behind my house on my two acres but figured id get this started anyways. im pretty impressed with wht im seeing so far behind my place got some decent bucks showing up. ive got a total of 7 cams out now just waiting a few weeks...
  7. Monster Raxx

    Latest trail cam pics

    I did not get to all of the cameras this weekend because of crappy weather but here are some of the better ones.
  8. Monster Raxx

    Worst trail cam pic ever?

    I say YES!!! I thought this was funny when I heard Pat did this to his boss until they sent it to me. Since I had to see it I figured the rest of you should too. Just be glad the black box is there for your version.
  9. F

    River otter on trail cam

    Hey guys. I've been trapping for these otter so I put up a trail camera on a spot I knew they were using. Got some great footage thought you might enjoy http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=531375950236468&set=o.227396867387602&type=2&theater
  10. Diane

    Xbowgirl's Trail Cam Pics

    Here's some pictures from a spot I will be hunting in my Ghilli suit. I have another spot but just got the camera up so no pictures from it yet. As for the camera at my blind, it is messing up and all of the night pictures are black, so I can't tell anything about that area yet.
  11. MandRroofing

    Trail cam Question, to hunt or not to...

    If you are not getting any pics youd like to see from a cam all summer,Do you still hunt that spot even if it has produced last year but its not looking good this year as far as pics go?Do you still hunt it of do you trust the cam?
  12. TripleA88

    TripleA88's trail camera thread

    Never had much luck nor tried very hard to get velvet buck pics but heres my first. Most of the bucks I have got pictures of at this property the past 3 years got the radiation poisoning. Theres a buck standing behind him with a solid right side and a fork on the left. I got another cam hung...
  13. Beentown

    Beentowns trail cam log

    ...Dang youtube!
  14. bigten05

    bigten trail cam pics

    heres a few pics that ive gotten so far been wanting to get them up just havent had time, got some good potential. i moved a couple cams last week gonna check them sometime this weekend so hopefully ill have some pics to add.
  15. hickslawns

    CAUGHT! Moundhill and Diablo on my trail camera

    I don't know why, but when viewing these pictures I think of Moundhill and Diablo. Honestly, my first thought was "I bet this was Jackalope as a youngster". However, Jackalope is not as much of a youngster anymore, so I had to pick on our resident young bucks. Sorry Taylor and Jake. I had to...
  16. xbowguy

    Xbow's Trail Cam's 2012

    Getting a late start this year. This is best pic so far today.
  17. JPN

    JPN's trail cam

  18. Alphamax10

    Alphamax Trail cam 2012

    Couple nice bucks that I have my eye on.
  19. moundhill

    Moundhill's 2012 Trail Cam

    Well as of now i dont have much to share, but I figured I'd start a trail camera thread. Maybe it'll change my luck around..:smiley_blackeye: I've been running 2 Spypoints this year, on the same property just different sides of the road. Both are on feild edges, and honestly have been pretty...
  20. Mao

    Mao Trail Cam 2012

    My daughter and I went out this afternoon and checked 2 of my 6 trail cams. Here is what we have so far...