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  1. O

    Tree stands are up

    Spent Labor day getting two hanging stands up. The new stand is setting on intersection of secondary ridge and transition area of back edge of main ridge. Not sure that makes since. The one and only picture I got is of inside corner of corn field.
  2. Diane

    Fruit Tree Problems

    I have 2 pear trees (one is Bartlet, can't remember the other) and an apple tree in my yard, as well as 2 peach trees. Both pear trees were loaded with pears to the point that many branches were dragging the ground. Well, the deer took care of that long before the pears were even close to...
  3. moundhill

    Tree Lounge for Dad?

    I'm wanting to get my dad back into hunting this year, and I've stumbled upon a Tree Lounge for sale for a great price..the thing is though, I know he would hate using it as a climber every time out. I'm wondering if I could buy this for him and he could use it as a hang on, and just put up some...
  4. teej89

    Climbing Tree stand reccomendations

    Alright so I'm finally splurging and buying a new stand, I have one my dad bought me ten years ago but it's round 28lbs, trying to drop some L-B's. Using a band saw and I rigged up a wood board that I can sit on to climb up the tree and then pivots outta my way when I get up. Probably not the...
  5. Johnch

    Tree question

    OK as I feel up to it I am cutting brush along the dike , at the marsh I have a tree I have never seen and so far not found in my tree book Hoped to take a picture , but flat forgot the camera today Compound leaves 6-8" long with about 1 -1 1/4" leaflets Semi smooth bark But...
  6. Thunderflight

    X-Stand Tree Stands

    Anyone ever heard of them or know someone who has one? http://www.x-stand.com/index.html
  7. hickslawns

    Tree stands and ground blinds

    Guys, I really hate doing this. I try to avoid it actually. However, given how many people have shown the desire to purchase ground blinds or tree stands in the "Must haves" thread, I am going to throw out a shameless plug. I do so only so you might know what we have to offer. We sell...
  8. L

    Bow holder for a tree stand

    I am hunting from a millennium m100 treestand this season and am trying to figure out the best bow holder option for the set up. I typically use a screw in hook in the tree but figured i would ask what everyone else is using. i would preffer to have it at my side to minimize my movement. Thanks...
  9. Monster Raxx

    Wicked Tree Saw

    It is getting to be that time of year when a lot of people start hanging there stands. I hand and move a lot of stands each year and I do a lot of trimming for trail camera placement. Most years I would go through 1 or 2 hand saws, and quite a few of them were really flimsy. I bought a Wicked...
  10. hickslawns

    2012 Tree sales

    I was intrigued by the seedling sale posted for Portage County by Buckmaster. I let my fingers do some google searching and was able to take advantage of our local County Soil and Water Conservation District sales. Looks like I am going to have a butt load of trees to plant this spring...
  11. Buckmaster

    2012 Tree Seedling Sale for Portage Co.

    Portage County Soil & Water Dept. sponsors 2012 tree planting. Order form here: http://www.portageswcd.org/pdf/treeorder2012.pdf
  12. Huckleberry Finn

    Tree Safety Reminder

    I had an accident today and I wanted to share it with all of you as a reminder of the dangers that are involved in the sport that we pursue. This morning I went out to move my tree stand and climbing sticks and did so successfully. Picked a nice tree and got everything cinched up and safely...
  13. Dannmann801

    Safety Tree Stand Rules, Tips, Reminders

    Fill it up boys
  14. Thunderflight

    WARNING: Check your tree stands

    Yesterday evening I had a bit of a scare. I hunted a stand I helped a friend hang in 2010. The stand was new, but he left it in the tree and over the past two years the weather played hell on it. I was hunting for about an hour when that afternoon T-storm rolled in. I debated about riding...
  15. Johnch

    DEAL Tree stands on close out

    I was in Menards tonight They have most of the treestands on close out A 15' ladder stand was $49.99 and then there was a $10 mail in rebate John
  16. aholdren

    Persimmon Tree

    I have a real good persimmon tree on a property that I hunt, and was curious as to when I should focus alot of attention to hunting or hanging a camera by it. I would assume that after a frost that they would begin to fall. Its location is between a bedding area and an oak flat that has an...
  17. Gern186

    Dang tree rat!

    I was putting up a treestand Saturday and kept hearing a grinding noise that sounded like a rodent chewing on something.....I just happened to have the 10/22 riding along in the truck so I went to investigate...... Little fugger was chewing the heck out of my posted...
  18. hickslawns

    Basket 8pt found his favorite tree

    Nothing spectacular, but I did capture this small basket 8pt working over a sapling on a couple different days. Worked it for a little over 2min on 9-5-11 and a tad over a minute on 9-8-11. He had already peeled prior to the 5th.
  19. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Hank Tucker Outdoors-Fixed position tree stands

    Okay guys. Going to try to make this work. Hopefully I can copy the info from the email sent to my web designer and stick it in here with prices. Cross your fingers! Big Dog brand models carried BDF076- Beagle II $50 Description: 20” x 25” Square Foot Platform 14” x 8”...
  20. savatreatabvr

    New Member! Save A Tree Eat A Beaver!

    No I'm not a tree hugger, lol I'm originally from a small private lake in Oklahoma called Cedar Lake but now live in Phoenix, AZ. As kids we'd ride our dirt bikes off into the woods and hunt for whatever we could find but we never really found anything, maybe some birds and a few squirrels is...