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  1. matthewusmc8791

    New treestand

    We've been working on it all summer and we finally have it up and running. Here are some pics. FYI I put out (11) 5gal buckets of apples last week and they were gone in 4 days. So im hoping that there are some bucks.. My dumb ass forgot the trail cam. So I put one out today and made up a mock...
  2. Blackbeard

    Check those treestand cables

    I replaced cables on 4 of my 8 hangons this year, these came off them, the cables on my cheap stands were bad, the loop actually broke off one when it hit the ground last winter! The cables on the right are from a Big Game stand, they are fine. The good ones have the rubber cinched into the...
  3. jagermeister

    DEAL Gameplan Gear Treestand Transport System

    Mack's Prairie Wings has a heck of a good deal going on Gameplan Gear TTS's right now. Check it out... http://www.mackspw.com/Item--i-GPGTSTP
  4. Fluteman

    For all you Millennium Treestand Owners, New Receiver

    Millennium has finally done away with the chain for their receivers, and replaced it with a ratchet strap. I figure I will order one or two of these for packing in, but I will probably opt for the chain recievers to leave hanging all year. Figured I would let you fellas know...
  5. Bowhunter57

    Treestand for hunting turkeys?

    I've never hunted turkey from a treestand. I've always used a "run & gun" method and a few times with a groundblind & decoys. I know that turkeys are oblivious to a groundblind, therefore it makes for a good hunting method. You can walk in set one up and start hunting, without any suspicion...
  6. Bowhunter57

    Deer Gun Season: Ground or Treestand?

    During the Deer Gun Season, I have always hunted on the ground. As we all know, during this season a good location is very important. I feel the need to be more mobil, should the need arise that I have to shift my location for a better shot. However, I have a good hunting buddy that swears by...
  7. Bowhunter57

    Have you ever fallen from your treestand?

    The First Time: I was standing on a branch in a tree in the Manistee National Forest (west of Cadilac, Michigan), after 30+ hours of no sleep, due to coming off of a mid-night swing shift. It was nice, the sun was setting, a light breeze and there was about 45 minutes left to bowhunt. Next thing...
  8. Longdraw

    A 1st while in a treestand

    About 10:00am this morning heard a loud engine running,thought maybe a combine coming in to pick the corn,,,hell no this damn thing was real low,,should have sent a slick trick into the blimp
  9. epe

    aftermarket treestand seat-backrest?

    I was wondering if anyone has found a good add on treestand seat pad- back pad combo? I got the oversized seat for my summit viper and it has spoiled me. I was looking for something, mainly for my back, for my lock ons. Thanks.
  10. Johnch

    Anyone ever hang a treestand on a post ?

    OK my anckle is finaly good enough to do a little scouting again I was looking along the one side of my woods today The feild next to that side of the woods will be corn next year I found several trails entering the feild , as the deer are now feeding on the radish we planted as a...