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  1. A

    Hunting Trip To Ohio

    Well I think I will be in Ohio from the 1st till the 11th. I will miss a few days of hunting due to my Grandpas 90th bday party-which is pretty damn improtant- but overall I think hunting 8 days straight will be a great chance for me to kill one of the good bucks Ive been seeing on my farm...
  2. thumbbilly

    First trip to Ohio

    Hello all. As the title reads, this is my first attempt at hunting Ohio. My buddy and I will be making a long weekend trip down from Michigan to give it a try. I am not looking or expecting anyone to give me a "hot" spot or anything like that. I was just hoping for a direction or possible...
  3. B

    Continue Scouting trip

    And again Picture 11 Where the wife and I actually own Picture 12 Another shot of our stretch Picture 13 Hmmmm wonder if there are still any coon on this stretch??? Picture 14 Bigger shot of above pic was taken Picture 15 More sign Picture 16 Can see this spot...
  4. runhunter

    Quick trip

    Well fellas, I made the trip out this weekend. 8 hour drive to Southern OH, got to the girlfriend's aunt/uncle's house, said our hello's, grabbed the keys to the Polaris, and loaded up. Me, my girlfriend, and my buddy spent an entire weekend busting brush, hung 9 trail cameras and saw...
  5. E

    My daughter's first trip to Erie

    I took my daughter out for the first time today for a boat ride and about 30 minutes of fishing just outside the marina. We caught a walleye, a yellow perch, and two sheephead. She had a blast playing with the worms, helping me with the clips and bands when rigging the board lines, reeling in...
  6. runhunter

    Trip #2

    I was out in April, and I'll be headed back to Scioto County next weekend. The trip from NJ is about 8-9 hours. I should be out there Friday night, so we can be up before dawn, and out to glass the fields at the property I have access to, thanks to my girlfriend! I figure by late morning...
  7. C

    Venice Louisiana bowfishing trip

    Head out tomorrow for a week long trip to bowfish the Mississippi delta and the gulf. I will try and keep you all updated with pics and stuff tween killing fish and beer.Might have to ask jbrown to be my Secretary and update the thread with pics I text him.
  8. hunna771

    Clinch River Trout Fishin' Trip

    My friend Zak W. and his dad invited me to go on a fishing trip with them to Tennessee. I said yess for sure! My parents gave me the O.K. and i was good to go! I'm in the hotel as i type right now if you wondered lol. We bought our licenses today and bought some last minute things at the Walmart...
  9. Dannmann801

    Packing for my fishing trip

    Leavin' Saturday for a week of fishing in Northern MI with my cousins and uncle and some buddies...MAN, am I ever ready for this! We ain't been out in a few years but these trips are always the best....got cabins on a river just south of SooStMarie....FISH CAMP BABY!:pickle: So I got's all...
  10. CJD3

    Road Trip to CO.

    Well I'm Back. My road trip to Northern Colorado was A great help to my head for the most part. This is being written to anyone that has never seen the Colorado Rockies because those of you that have been there know this already... Wow! I had the pleasure of spending 3 of the 5 days out there...
  11. rossbows

    Turkey trip

    Im going to Tennessee this weekend for a three day hunt. A friend of mine has a 150 acre farm in the hollers. I talked to him the other day and he said there is about twenty toms running around. I can believe it went deer hunting down there two years ago and there was turkeys everywhere. Im...
  12. brock ratcliff

    First crappie trip

    This morning while I sat at the table sipping my first cup of coffee, my eight year old sat beside me scratching something on a napkin. He slid it to me to take a look and asked "So, what do you want to do when we are done pulling the coyote snares?" I'll give him credit, he knows how to...
  13. Bowhunter57

    Keeping fish from a fishing trip?

    I've been giving some thought to fishing at the AEP areas in S.E. Ohio. However, I'd like to keep a few of the fish that I'd catch there and am wondering what would be the best way to go about it. I'm open to suggestions. What do you guys do with fish that you keep, but are on an extended...
  14. S

    DEAL trade florida fishing trip for ohio deer hunt 2012

    Im a Buckeye living in florida. Central florida, monster bass capital! Only 45 minute drive to some of the best inshore saltwater fishing on the gulf coast. I have a "member only" pass to all the hidden trophy bass pits. Currently catching bass up to 12lbs, crappie up to 3lbs. (that's right...
  15. Archertl

    My Trip Back To McChord AFB

    I had a great time while i was in Ohio but the trip back was a lot of fun too. I got to spend some more time with my girlfriend and saw some great places. On top of that I passed 5 cabelas and 1 Basspro and I managed not to stop at any of them.:smiley_champagne: That pronghorn buck is...
  16. Hoytmania

    Took a trip to the taxi tonight.

    Well it finally arrived. I have been waiting for this day for right around a year now. Went to the taxi and got Austins and my mount from the 09 -10 season. They were done about this time last year but o to change in jobs and lack of funds I was unable to get them till today. Picking up two...
  17. U

    my first ice fishing trip

    well it was ok till it got dark , walking back on ice in the dark with very little light and no ice cleets made for fun experience , we went to atwood new years day after hitting cabelas and getting me some ice fishing gear and my buddy baught a really nice ice shanty , we get out to atwood and...