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  1. finelyshedded

    New shocks for the truck...

    I've been noticing that my 2006 Ford F150 has been riding rougher and I know I need to start looking at getting some new shocks installed. I have 100,770 miles on the originals and I'm just wanting some input from the TOO family as to where to go to have new ones put on and not get screwed in...
  2. CJD3

    Reflecting on a dirty truck

  3. cotty16

    Truck Leveling

    I really wasn't sure where to put this, so I figured "projects and crafts" would be best. I'm not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. I probably was better with tools when I was a kid working on my bike than I am now as an adult. When I first bought my truck I installed step...
  4. "J"

    Help with a toyota truck

    Okay now that we know where my son is going to be stationed my son wants me too start looking for a truck for him.... he's partial to the tundras (Toyota ) 4 wheel drive extended cab.... not a Toyota guy myself but figured some on here were.... his dollar amount for buying is no higher then 13k...
  5. camofry

    Bubbas new truck

    One day, Jimmy Jones was walking down Main Street when he saw his buddy Bubba driving a brand new pickup. Bubba pulled up to him with a wide grin. 'Bubba, where'd you git that truck?' 'Tammie give it to me,' Bubba replied. 'She give it to ya?I know'd she wuz kinda sweet on ya...
  6. matt hougan

    seeking advise from professional truck drivers

    I am contemplating getting my class A CDL. If for no other reason then to broaden my options. Any words of advise? Not looking to be away from home for days on end. Dedicated routes or even Fed Ex or a beer route.
  7. hunterkid94

    How would you react?

    Okay so I found this video today of a lady flipping out due to a guy driving a diesel truck, now I figure there has to be a few of you on here who either own or have owned a diesel and I want to know how you would react to this. Just enjoy the video:)...
  8. hunterkid94

    Looking for a truck.

    Before anyone starts pitching me sales, I'm not looking for one until next summer-ish. Anyways, here's the deal. Last December my parents picked a car out for me (an eclipse) and I agreed to pay for it. However, they spend more than what i wanted to. Granted, it was out of the best intentions of...
  9. Schu72

    Saw a Faith at Full Draw truck

    Was leaving work today just around 4 pm and around the corner comes a Dodge Ram very similar to my own, but pimped in "Faith at Full Draw" art. Was about to slam on my horn and then I saw there was a blonde gal driving. Anyone on here claim them?:smiley_coolpeace:
  10. Jackalope

    For you Diesel Truck Drivers..

  11. Ohiosam

    Hit by a truck.

    This guy is sitting at home alone when he hears a knock on the front door. There are two sheriff's deputies there. He asks if there is a problem. One of the deputies asks if he is married, and if so, can he see a picture of his wife. The guy says "sure" and shows him a picture of his...
  12. aholdren

    Easter Morning Loudmouth ...........................gets a ride in the truck.

    After hunting two days with my mom, and her not filling her tag and not being able to hunt until next week, I decided to try my chance with a bow Friday and the closest birds were a good way's off and were going to have to be chased another day, SUNDAY morning..... Since it was Easter I knew I...
  13. Ohiosam

    My nephew's truck

    At the Louisville farm show. He blew the engine in the spring and just got it going again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c78el2cqMZE
  14. R

    Pickup Truck Commercial

    Seeing as how most of us drive trucks, and ole Cotty a gettin a new one, I figured that this was applicable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1C0r2EHQfY&feature=player_embedded
  15. Bowhunter57

    Truck bumper stickers...

    I seen these 2 bumper stickers on the back of a couple of p/u trucks: 1. This truck had a huge lift kit and the bumper sticker said: "Jack 'em up high...cause fat chicks can't climb." :smiley_crocodile: 2. This one was on the back of an El Camino: "My girlfriend says that I need to be...