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  1. RedCloud

    Strange but true via NBC News

    Man, I thought my luck was bad.
  2. Johnch

    Caught a true trophy today

    As the corn is hard now The coon are not interested in it anymore So I have only caught 2 in the last 10 days and both were young of the year But at 2 dog proof traps The marshmellows have started disapearing , including those in the trap Tired of donating to the critters So I...
  3. Hoytmania

    Nightmare turned dream come true!

    I have been wrestling with this for a while and through some fellow TOO consulting I have decided TOO bring this over hear. A little history first. I got my start on hunting forums over at OS. I was a member over there for about 2 years before TOO was born. It was a major help to me in...
  4. camofry


    Statistics show the most used sexual position for married couples is Doggy style. The husband sits and begs for it, and the wife rolls over and plays dead.
  5. Jackalope

    True Justice!

    About time they start to lock these fuggers up.. Most don't know the stories of law enforcement and government atrocities committed after Katrina. A simple search on the net should be enlightening as to how things will be if the SHTF.. The truths of what happened in the aftermath of katrina...