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Caught a true trophy today

As the corn is hard now
The coon are not interested in it anymore

So I have only caught 2 in the last 10 days and both were young of the year

But at 2 dog proof traps
The marshmellows have started disapearing , including those in the trap
Tired of donating to the critters

So I decided to mix it up

I figured I had a smart coon
So I dug in 2 #2 leg hold traps next to each of the 2 dog proof traps that were losing the marshmellows
I set the pans with a hair trigger

Nothing the first night
But today , dad left me a message
He was laughing
It seems I caught a mouse in 1 of the #2 leg hold traps

I know the traps were set to go off with real lite pressure on the pan
But even a large mouse isn't very heavy

So I was super lucky

On a side note
Project coon carnage is probely over for a while

I will put out the deer feeder and hang the last stands this week end



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Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
Well now that is a prize catch right there. How many guys can say they caught one of those with a leg hold lol.

You put a dang good dent in the coon population around there that's for sure.

Great work buddy.