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  1. Mike

    Closing the distance on turkeys

    I have about one or two more hunts left. I have Toms consistently making an appearance on a neighboring property at a distance of 450 yards. Is it possible to get them to come to me at this distance. I gobble called them last Saturday and they looked my way, but never came in. Should I set up...
  2. Bowhunter57

    Disturbed turkeys?

    I had a hen in front of me on Monday the 6th and that was the first and only bird. The farmers in the area have been planting the fields like mad men and 90% of all of the fields have been planted. Since Tuesday, the day the planting started, I have yet to see or hear a turkey. They're not in...
  3. Bowhunter57

    What broadhead are you using for turkeys?

    I shot my turkey with a shotgun, last year. This year I want to shoot one with my bow. :smiley_bril: Along with a groundblind and a few decoys, I've been waiting for a good shot with some mechanical broadheads on the ends of my carbon shafts. The 2-blade Rage (2" cutting diameter and...
  4. W

    Turkeys respond to owl call.

    My owl call was not the best but it worked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPthqf6xKzM
  5. Bowhunter57

    How stupid are turkeys?

    Turkeys seem to be suckers for a groundblind. It wasn't there yesterday or earlier today, but that's cool...and they walk right by it. :smiley_chinrub: Goofy! I plan to purchase one before next year's turkeys season, as it's just not in the budget for this year. However, I do have a Cabelas...
  6. Bowhunter57

    Turkeys or Coyotes?

    I went out turkey hunting this morning, but didn't see or hear any turkeys. I hunted in one location the first portion of the morning and in another location in the late morning. In both locations I neither heard or seen any turkeys, BUT I did see a coyote in both locations. :smiley_chinrub...
  7. Gern186

    How many years have you hunted Turkeys

    I'm trying to get an idea of the amount of turkey hunting expertise we have here at TOO. How many years have you guys hunted turkeys, and how many birds have you killed in those years? I will go first. I started hunting turks in 1992, so this will be my 21st year. I have killed a...
  8. Bowhunter57

    Body shots for turkeys?

    Standard hunting methods and/or past practise for shooting turkeys with a shotgun has always been head shots. However, I have some ammo that I use for killing coyotes out to 50 yards. I would trust these loads/patterns on geese at the same distance. Dead Coyote Ts: 44 pellets @ 50 yards...
  9. Bowhunter57

    Treestand for hunting turkeys?

    I've never hunted turkey from a treestand. I've always used a "run & gun" method and a few times with a groundblind & decoys. I know that turkeys are oblivious to a groundblind, therefore it makes for a good hunting method. You can walk in set one up and start hunting, without any suspicion...
  10. deerjunkie

    Bring it turkeys!

    I was getting a little excited about this turkey season...but finishing this video up the other night has got me all kinds of fired up to get after it this spring. You have to admit, there's just something about talking to those birds and them respoding back that gets the adrenaline going...
  11. Bowhunter57

    Retaining Turkeys?

    I've been seeing 6 tom turkeys in the woods behind my house, since the middle of deer archery season. I have no idea where they came from or what's attracting them to this location. However, I'd like to retain/hold them until the spring turkey season opens. :smiley_chinrub: Any suggestions...
  12. cotty16

    Buncha Turkeys round here

    Got this pic and thought it was pretty cool. Thought I'd share.
  13. Bowhunter57

    Are turkeys hard on a growing corn crop?

    I'm hunting on a farmer's property that hates turkeys. He says that they'll uproot a corn crop as soon as it sprouts out of the ground. :smiley_boos: I'm not that familar with the eating habits of turkeys. :smiley_confused_vra Is this a lagitimate concern? Do turkeys eat the corn plant as...
  14. Johnch

    Pink turkeys

    The camera decided to start taking pink Pic's :horse: As the week went along the pic's changed to completely pink Also the last few nights the flash has not worked .....completely black pic's New this spring Guess I send it back Or is there something I am missing ? John
  15. Jackalope

    Testing a new auto tagging system, hunting, deer, turkeys, slicktricks, midgets

    did it work? Yep. ) This has a potential to cause some issues.. It takes key words from the title and makes tags from them at the bottom of the thread.. If you click this tag it will show you all threads with a similar tag. Say you read a thread about coyote hunting. You can click the coyote...