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    uglykats lukemia thread

    well since my summer is screwed and all plans have been put on hold and i cant post pics of catfish , i figure i would enlighten some of you or any one who is bored enough to read this thread the life , times and trials a cancer patient goes through on the road to recovery
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    uglykats huntign log

    i didnt wanna feel left out so i made one to , ill be hunting this evening , i gotta butcher 14 chickens , and do some house cleaning before i go out to hunt , they have been hitting my feeder at my one property pretty hard the past few weeks , so im hoping to get a deer at the feeder tonight ...
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    uglykats big announcment

    well over the past few years i have been dabbling with the idea of starting a catfish tournament career , and one day going pro , ive been emailing some of the biggest names in catfishing and picking theyre brains on how they got started, alot of them got started just like me , hitting small...