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uglykats big announcment

well over the past few years i have been dabbling with the idea of starting a catfish tournament career , and one day going pro , ive been emailing some of the biggest names in catfishing and picking theyre brains on how they got started, alot of them got started just like me , hitting small tournaments and working theyre way up , and most of them told me i have the desire , information and the get up and go to make it into the top ranks of the catfishing world , few of them even said they would be proud to compete with me and against me if i made it that far , its no secret catfishing is my obsession , and every year i get more and mroe serious bout it , well before i get an older ive decided to make a five year goal , and im going to share that goal and my experiences along the way with my brothers here on too .

so this is my big announcment starting this spring ill be hitting the catfish tournament trails hard ,

i wanna start with the paylkae tournaments this year place well in those , set money back from those tournaments buy a good boat by thext january, there is alot of money in those paylake tournaments , i placed in almost every tournament i enterd this past year
next year ill start hitting the little bit bigger tournaments and different lakes and rivers here in ohio , west virginia and indiana, place well in those and just keep moving my way up and by the fith year or less im actually hoping in three years i can be competing in the king kat tournaments and the bass pro big cat quest tournaments , my family has decided to support me in this and i am eagerly awaiting spring
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Tatonka guide.
i can have some up links up tonight , never heard of quill back , we always called em thread fins , those are my main bait , with bluegills second
hook up wif me in da spring and I can getz ya more bait than you can ever use even if ya feeshed 24/7...ask jackolope


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Sunbury, OH
Good luck in your endeavour. I do about one tournament a week up here in the summer. Buckeye lake, Alum, Delaware, and the Scioto are the usual haunts. I do it for fun but we do all right. Ours are a team/boat event. Max of four people per boat. Creek chubs and gizzard shad for me.

Good luck dude. Get you a nice fishing jersey and I'll pay to put TOO.com on there and send you some free decals. (BTW, I'll have some decals next week!)
i was just getting ready to text ya about that , the other one i was gonna talk to about usuing as a sponser was scent smoker , i figure you guys have been here for me when i needed some one to talk to and such , i could return the favor by pimping out your names


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That's pretty awesome, UK. I think you're on the right track, and setting up your goals first is the most important part of it all. Stay dedicated and persistent, and I'm sure you'll make it as far as you want to go. Good luck dude.


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Mark good luck with your passion, you will find out when it comes to professional fishing it's not so much how good of a fisherman you are as to how well you interact with the sponsors.... If you get along with them and they like you your fishing doesn't have to be all that good..... As long as your personable and people can relate to you it should go pretty well for you... But and always a but.... Sponships are shrinking and money is tight so try to look for the sponsore everyone else is overlooking..... Mix it up so to speak.... But once you have them or should I say they have you, you'll be very busy with little time for fishing lol.... Good luck.....