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  1. Bowhunter57

    Farm Ponds are starting to warm up!

    It's typical of this time of the year, but the farm ponds are the first ones to warm up. I hit a local pond, today and noticed the fishfinder was marking them higher in the water. The temps were in the upper 50s. I used a shad colored crankbait to catch this guy...a 14" largemouth. A nice...
  2. Bowhunter57

    Which water will warm up first?

    Would an above ground water impoundment, like a reservoir, warm up quicker than an in ground body of water...like a same sized lake/pond? Last year, I started fishing in farm ponds, as that's where I was catching fish. It seemed as though the reservoirs were taking longer for the fish to...
  3. 5Cent

    Carcass care in warm weather

    I'm sitting here looking at weather.com in disbelief.....78*F. After calling around to the local processor's, meat markets, etc, no one is open on Sunday and the question comes to mind....what does everyone do if they kill a deer in this warm weather and you can not get the deer into the...
  4. U

    warm water discharges

    is there a map or something where i can find all the warm water discharges on the ohio rive,where would i start looking to find a map or a list of them