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  1. camofry

    Tornado warning for Cleveland

    Tornado warnings have been reported for Cleveland. People are urged to report to Brown Stadium where there is no chance of a touchdown.
  2. Thunderflight

    WARNING: Check your tree stands

    Yesterday evening I had a bit of a scare. I hunted a stand I helped a friend hang in 2010. The stand was new, but he left it in the tree and over the past two years the weather played hell on it. I was hunting for about an hour when that afternoon T-storm rolled in. I debated about riding...
  3. Bowhunter57

    Safety Warning!

    I have a Springfield Armory 1911 Compact Carry V10 and had been carrying it in a DeSantis OWB holster (carried in a 3:30 position), that was made for my M&P 9mm. It seemed to fit "ok", held it in place, but the trigger ring flaps/guards are too large for the SA 1911. I need to purchase the...
  4. Beentown


    I have been doing some draw, point, shoot drills with my concealed carry rigs. After feeling good with my IWB rigs I pulled out the holster I use for range/classes/open carry (SERPA) and started doing more draw drills. Pulled once and the retention button didn't work...practicing like my life...
  5. Beentown

    New warning from I.E.

    I am getting: To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options... Just thought I would let you know Joe. Beentown