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Safety Warning!


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Allen County
I have a Springfield Armory 1911 Compact Carry V10 and had been carrying it in a DeSantis OWB holster (carried in a 3:30 position), that was made for my M&P 9mm. It seemed to fit "ok", held it in place, but the trigger ring flaps/guards are too large for the SA 1911. I need to purchase the correct holster for the weapon that I intend to carry!

I have NEVER had a weapons mishandling incident, in my entire life. I've been handling all types of weapons since I was 10 years old.

Anyway... A couple of weeks ago, my brother and were out fishing. As I got out of the car, I was getting our fishing gear ready to go and remembered my CCW was still in the car. (We had traveled a distance to this location and I had put my SA 1911 in the console.) When I retrieved the SA from the console, I checked the safety and it was on, so I pulled up my shirt and attempted to put it in my holster. Well, I wasn't looking at what I was doing and the SA didn't just slide in the holster as had done on previous occassions. So, I wiggled it in a side to side motion in attempt to get the pistol to slip inside the holster.

What I didn't notice was that one of the ear tabs (trigger guards for the M&P) was pushing on the trigger, while the other tab had flipped the ambi-safety off. Ofcourse, my hand was pushing down on the grip safety at the back of the pistol grip and ....you guessed it. BANG!!! Needless to say, I was in a state of shock and afraid to look to see how much of my butt that I'd just blown off. :smiley_blackeye: Fortunately, all I got was a huge muzzle blast burn and concussion bruise from the short and ported barrel. Obviously, the shorts I WAS wearing were ripped to shreds, with the back pocket mssing and a bullet nick in my leather wallet.

I'm not afraid/embarassed to tell this story, as it may help others and save lives to realize that every weapon has to be carried in its' own holster, that was designed for that weapon. I was very lucky and thank God, to this day, that that's all that happened to me. My brother was standing on the other side of the car, the bullet went into the grass and there were no other people standing around in the area. We made a pact to never tell our retired Mom, the events of that day. :smiley_armscrossed:

My SA 1911 will remain in the safe, until I purchase the correct holster for it AND get the ambi-safety removed.



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NW Ohio
Holy crap Daniel! I am glad you are okay. Thank you for the warning.

Since I know you and I know you are okay, I will send you a PM with my smart ass remark because a topic such as this is not one I want to deter off track. I am really glad you weren't hurt, nor your brother or anyone else.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Wow man, glad you are OK! Thanks for posting this, this is great info for guys like myself that intend to get their CCW soon.

Glad you weren't carrying it in the front.... :eek:


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Damn man... Did you mess your pants when that gun went off? That had to have scared the shit out of you. Very glad to hear you didn't get seriously hurt buddy.


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Dude.. I hate to make light of such a serious situation.. But.. You shot yourself in the keester! holy shit balls! Good thing your weren't trying to carry around front. you might piss like a sprinkler.. VERY happy everything worked out ok.. Thanks for sharing.. Just goes to show it can happen to anyone.