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  1. bthompson1004

    Most interesting website...besides TOO!

    A co-worker discovered this sight and I thought it was absolutely amazing...very interesting and educational at the same time....Wanna see how small or big we (humans) really are? http://htwins.net/scale2/?bordercolor=white
  2. M

    Website design and hosting

    Was wondering if anybody here designs and maintains websites? I'm looking for a person or company that will design a site. Or if you could, point me in the right direction. It would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  3. brock ratcliff

    Scent Smoker website

    Joe is starting to work on the new site. We need pics and testimonials to add to it. I'd like to keep Joe busy adding content for some time, so if you have used the SS, like what you saw, we'd love to hear about it! Pics would be greatly appreciated too!
  4. saddlepants

    Really usful website

    Hey guys I use this super cool really accurate website when I go out and to plan when I go out, thought I'd share it with ya. Scroll down and there is a place to input your local area. Once you have done that save it in your bookmarks and it will take you back to YOUR place. Wind speed and...
  5. deerjunkie

    New website

    Hey guys, just wanted to take a brief moment and let you all know about a new venture we started. I have a passion for filming and hunting and this is something thats been on my heart to do. Sitting back doing nothing won't accomplish anything so that is why we started www.faithatfulldraw.com...