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  1. T

    Best Process to Shoot Muzzleloader

    I have had a CVA Wolf muzzleloader for 17 years. I have had varying success shooting with it. For the last few years I have used Hodgson's Triple 7 loose powder and using Hornady SST .50 cal 300 grain sabots. I am also using fiber-optic sights. In previous years I would shoot straight but be 3"...
  2. JohnD8908

    Bow Hunting Success on a 19.5" inside spread

    The 2020 season presented me the opportunity to take my biggest buck to date. This buck was a nice 8 point buck with a 19.5 inch inside spread. After a long five days of hunting wind, rain, snow, sleet and heat, the final morning presented me with 19 degree temps and a light 3-5 mph wind. I had...
  3. Bowhunter57

    44 Mag. Whitetail Bullet Chioces

    Everyone that I've talked with that has a 44 Mag. uses a 240gr. bullet of various configurations, for whitetails. I have yet to shoot a large game animal with a handgun, but have a great deal of varmint kill experience. My bullet choices have always been light weight jacketed hollow points...
  4. Monster Raxx

    North American Whitetail Magazine

    In the latest issue of NAW magazine there is an article about Hunting Tiny Properties. I was sent a pic from the article and had no idea our bag was in there :)
  5. L

    FOR SALE Two Whitetail mounts and a Food Saver

    I have two Whitetail deer mounts that I need to sale, as well as a Food Saver vacuum sealer system. The mounts were taken in Michigan and have legal tags on them. One is a 7 pt. and the other is an 8 pt. Neither of them are monsters but they have nice, unique basket racks on them. They are from...
  6. M

    2000 HHI Whitetail Contest

    Here is my 2000 HHI Whitetail Contest winner (J.D. Jones Handgun Hunters International). I have forgotten the measurements. I took the buck on the back of my farm here in SW Ohio in Butler County. I used my S&W Classic Deluxe in 44 mag with my cast bullet reloaded ammo. One shot kill at 30...
  7. Huckleberry Finn

    Our superior whitetail manager on Wisc

    Anyone in the 'dwindling deer debate' ought to to pick up a copy of this month's field and stream (blue cover, three guns on it). Has an article on Wisconsin's Deer Czar Dr. James Kroll...who has also brought in Gary Alt from PA. There's also some humor in the it too: "Biologists from two...
  8. RedCloud

    Whitetail fawn question

    I was sitting here thinking about what info Dante and myself have put together of the fawns in our area from this year and last years batch. Seems to me that the doe in our area have tossed down more BB fawns last year and this year and I have also noticed the sets of twin BB fawns on an...
  9. saddlepants

    Ok, who here has the biggest interest in whitetail hunting conservation

    This is for my essay, just a couple of quick simple interview questions. You dont have to be qualified in anything except some knowledge of whitetail habitat conservation and just share a good interest in conservation in our hunting sport, where it was and how far its come. Simple. I need...
  10. bowhunter1023

    Midwest Whitetail Ohio - Opening Weekend Show

    If you guys have not had a chance to check out the latest episode of Midwest Whitetail Ohio, click on the link below and give it a watch! These guys do a great job of filming and editing a semi-live hunting show available online on a near weekly basis. I've met Jason Huntsman a couple of times...
  11. M

    Services Whitetail Specialties Taxidermy

    Got my new website up and running. Give it a look. Tell me what you think. www.whitetailspecialties.com Thanks for looking
  12. jagermeister

    Food Plot Itinerary 2011

    Jesse's thread about his food plot plans got me fired up, and since my planting is going to start in about a week I figured I'd share my plans as well. Although I've been hunting this property for the past 7 or 8 years, last fall was the first time I've planted any food plots there. There...
  13. ohio mossy oak

    This guy will kill the next World Record Whitetail

  14. J

    Knight's Taxidermy - Whitetail Seminar

    For anyone interested, Brian Knight will be holding a whitetail deer mounting seminar this June in Copley Ohio. I attached the flyer for more info. Also, anyone can call Brian at 330-419-1819 for more details. Hopefully you can view the flyers... If not let me know and I'll email a PDF.
  15. Beentown

    AWA Whitetail Pro-Series...

    is GAY! Carry on. Beentown
  16. Curran

    If you're craving some whitetail reading material...

    Here is a link to the 2011 Whitetail Report released by the QDMA. I plan to read through this as time allows, but I stumbled upon it today and thought you all might be interested in this read... http://www.qdma.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Whitetail_Report_2011.pdf
  17. R

    Funny hunt on MidWest Whitetail

    If you haven't watched the MidwestWhite show from this week (and I watch them every week), make sure you check this one out! VERY FUNNY! http://www.midwestwhitetail.com/gallery/80/media/2723/oh1022-muzzleloader-kickoff.html (We should get those guys to sponsor with us...) Capt