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  1. Boarhead

    Wild Hogs

    Some pictures of some nice hogs on my buddy's property in Vinton County close to Tar Hollow State forest.
  2. Mike

    Wild Edibles

    Since we are talking about dandelions and morels I'll introduce you to Lambs Quarters or wild spinach. This stuff grows abundantly in my yard. It actually has the taste and texture of spinach but is more nutritious. They are coming up well and are very tender eaten raw. Second pic is the adult...
  3. TeamNordicHunters

    Ohio Wild Hog, Spring Turkey and Coyote

    Hi we are a group of hunters in NW Ohio, that are planning a hunting/camping trip to Zaleski state forest, Vinton county Ohio, we are leaving on April 25th and will start the hunting April 26th to April 29th, if you would be interrested in joining us hunting some Boar, Turkey or Coyote check...
  4. M

    Wild Thing

    Was watching some turkeys in the yard this morning… One of the gobblers peeled off a small group of hens from the rest of the flock and eventually chased off all but one… I have said for years that a lot of breeding takes place long before the season opens. A friend of mine filmed...
  5. Beentown

    Wild and Raw...

    Anyone else watch the Nutria rat show? Looks like a blast... You basically drive around on a fan boat and blast these beaver lookin things until your tired of shooting.
  6. ohio mossy oak

    Wild Boy Wanders Out of Forest: ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’

    Wild Boy Wanders Out of Forest: ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’ On September 5, a mysterious young man reportedly wandered into Berlin City Hall in Germany. The first words he spoke were in English and with a curious accent. He simply stated, "I'm alone in the world. I don't know who I am. Please...
  7. twireman

    Wild Nashville race invocation!

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6EgY0W6Er8 Ricky Bobby nod!
  8. Thunderflight

    Japanese wild boar hunting

    I went boar hunting today with an American friend and a Japanese hunting club. I didn't hunt because I don't have a license so I was just an observer. I had a blast and I'm wore the hell out. We killed two pigs (both by Japs) and I met some great people I'm here to tell you that no matter...
  9. Curran

    The Wild Within - new show on the Travel channel

    Anybody watch it yet? Whatcha think? I DVR'd Sunday's episode and watched it last night. Nice to see a show about hunting, the outdoor experience, & reconnecting to our food & surroundings that isn't filmed over a food plot, or deer feeder on a Texas ranch. I definitely like the approach the...