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  1. Big H

    Backyard Wildlife Area

    Some have seen the pics of the Great Horned Owls we have been seeing almost every day now in the backyard. Last night as I am bringing two of the girls home from softball practice, I get a text from my youngest asking when I am going to be home? I asked why and she sends back, there are 7 or 8...
  2. T

    Relocation of Wildlife

    I live on 8 acres of 'farm' in the big city of Columbus Ohio. Been here all 32 years of my life. As far back as I can remember, Dad has shot groundhogs, then dumped them in the crick. I always felt like this was wrong. As I grew older, I realized why he shot them. We have 9...
  3. Bowlowe

    Delaware wildlife area

    Was wondering if anyone has hunted Delaware wildlife area for turkey, not asking for specifics just new to turkey hunting and need a general direction and Delaware is close to me , thanks in advance for any help.
  4. A

    Food plots, Wildlife Consulting, MORE

    Hey guys! I am new on here, but love to hunt. I am on many sites, and just wanted to get on this one to join and talk hunting. I also am posting a link to a company I work for, but I plan to be around on this site to talk hunting with you all. http://www.racks-n-spurs.com/ Please take a...
  5. Milo

    When does it end? Wildlife officer BS.

    http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2011/10/14/wildlife-officers-tied-to-illegal-deal.html WTF..COME on
  6. Jackalope

    Ohio Wildlife Officer Charged With Federal Lacey Act Crimes

    SHAZAM ANDY! If the state doesn't want to prosecute and tries to cover it up, the federal US Fish and wildlife Service is gonna nail his balls to the wall.. Glad to see this POS get his due...
  7. formerbowhunter1023

    Veto Lake Wildlife Area

    I'm thinking my best bet it to call Eric Bear about this, but I was hoping y'all might be able to help. I cannont find anything on the legality of waterfowl hunting on Veto Lake. Google searches for Veto Lake regs are sketchy at best. I know there are some areas of the wildlife area that are...