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  1. Huckleberry Finn

    Work now required for Ohio food stamps

    From the Dispatch: Seems like a small, small step in the right direction.
  2. A

    Weekend work

    Well boys I got a lot done this weekend. I got two platform stands put together. I also got wood cut and split. I then hung 4 cameras and sprayed all my plots for fall planting in a few weeks! I'm pumped boys!!
  3. Mao

    WTB WTB- Insanity workout DVD's

    let me know if you have them for sale. thanks!
  4. Mike

    Parking lot at work

    We see deer right here in Toledo. They travel the extensive small wood lot/treeline/swan creek network. There were five today.
  5. C

    After work quickie ..

    Decided to try and pull a quickie hunt after work since one of my fields has water and birds. I kicked out 500-1000 or more when I rolled in at 355. I grabbed a minimal spread and carried it all out in one trip and got setup by about 420ish. I had to put my layout in about6" of water but i was...
  6. Hoytmania

    TOO hunt or work....

    That is the question. :smiley_chinrub: This Fridays schedule is looking pretty slow. Should I take the day off and be in the woods or should I just stick to conformity and make the wife happy by going to work?
  7. Huckleberry Finn

    Work Boots

    What brand of (leather) work boots do you wear and would recommend? I bought a pair of Wolverines 4 years ago and wore them casually for a year, and then built barns for a summer, a summer doing bins, and another on the farm. I bought an identical pair three years ago and have worn them...
  8. ohio mossy oak

    回到工作(Back to work!!)

  9. moundhill

    Moundhill's and Diablo's work thread

    I got bored and decided to make a thread showing some of our work this year, enjoy. Sod job first load of wood of the year Tried out a new design
  10. rossbows

    hard work paying off

    Im glad to see the food plots and mineral are paying off. A kid shot this 21 pointer last year during youth gun season. Right next to our farm. I wish I had got it but glad to see a kid get it.
  11. Kujo

    put in some work today in hopes to fill another tag before the end!

    Well, I spent a little over 2 hours today at my only hunting property. I added the rest of my corn to the pile, and shoveled out a long path linking both of my stands to the bait pile. I took the time to add in turns here and there to give me some nice broadside shots. They most be bedding...
  12. Thunderflight

    Your tax dollars at work