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hard work paying off


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Im glad to see the food plots and mineral are paying off. A kid shot this 21 pointer last year during youth gun season. Right next to our farm. I wish I had got it but glad to see a kid get it.


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No not yet. I just started using trail cams this year. My uncle had a big non typical go past him two years ago but couldn't get a shot. I seen a big main frame 12 last year with double drops. I shot a main frame 8 with double drops last year it was like a mid 130s. We got some good genetics to work with. Hope to get some good pics this year.


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That thing is a mess, wow!

I like what you say - you'da shot that deer in a flat second, but you're happy for the youngin' that took it.

Sportsmanship is what this is all about.