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  1. Curran

    Just... WOW...

    Boston Bruins game National Anthem http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/blog/eye-on-hockey/22092032/video-bruins-fans-sing-national-anthem-in-emotional-pregame-scene
  2. aholdren

    My Buddy Bake's WOW WOW BUCK

    This is a buddy of mine that seems to put great deer on the ground every year. He got these trail cam pics and thats when he named him WOW WOW, cause thats the first thing he thought. He said this deer last year was about 130" eight. He deflated him Sat. evening.
  3. buckbuster217


    some updated pics of the 8 point I posted last week, he has put some serious bone on and has started to grow a sticker off his left base
  4. finelyshedded

    Check out the size of this MOREL SHROOM!! WOW

    It was picked in Knox Co. by a ironworker friend of my brother this past few weeks. It weighed 3 lbs. This guys brother found one a few years ago that weighed over 4 lbs in the same area! It was 19 inches tall!!!
  5. "J"

    Wow Close call

    Found this picture of someones gun that was shot by another shotgun while hunting.... Don't quite understand the circumstances but ducks were involved, one pulled up to shoot the other was raising their gun and got it into the path of the first while he pulled the trigger.... Like I said it's...