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  1. M

    year over year antler developement

    There's an added satisfaction from taking a deer you have history with. Passing on buck that most consider a shooter and then having the oportunity to hunt him in future years when he's at his peak is the summit of whitetail deer hunting IMO. Most of the bucks I’ve been able to keep tabs on...
  2. Monster Raxx

    One of My Favorite Pics Of The Year

    Here is one of my favorite pics I have gotten this year. I really like the black and white look in the transition phase.
  3. dante322

    that time of year

    Stuffy head, runny nose, body aches. Time to get some vitamin C. Working outside, sweating then into the AC for breaks. Then back to the heat. Throw in the cool damp evenings... ... Take care of yourselves guys.
  4. CJD3

    First of the year

    I noticed tonight that a few acorns were on the ground. First ones of the year!
  5. at1010

    MADE IT ONE YEAR! Scumbags!

    yep cabin got broke into again, thank god for alarm system they got 1 small tv. Pried open a window, and alarm went off. Doors all have double sided bolt locks on them so they have to climb through windows, with the alarm going off doesnt give you much time. Either way sucks!
  6. T

    Traditional Hunting this year?

    Who is going to join me this year?. I am hoping that Doegirl will at least try and go out with her longbow this deer season and she is certainly going to try a hog from a blind next month. Aside from us... Who is in?.
  7. themedic

    Lobster Buck.....last year and 2013

    Here is another stud buck......had pictures of him last year....looks like he is on the downhill slide last year pic of him:
  8. Jackalope

    Year Over Year growth.

    . First, I would like to thank all of you for making TOO what it is today. Our great members posting content and their valued opinion has truly made TheOhioOutdoors the Premier hunting forum in the state of Ohio. I thought I would share some numbers with you on our growth from 2011 to...
  9. Ohiosam

    Rock pickin time of year

    Never know what I'll find. Not sure what it is, lots of large crystals.
  10. Big H

    First Groundhog of the Year!

    I was mowing the back yard and kept seeing him in the food plot. I had to go eat dinner and told my daughter I was going to shoot him off the mower. She didn't believe me.. I did... LOL :pickle:
  11. M

    Good year for rabbits

    I'm seeing 3-4 rabbits in the front and back yard at a time this spring. Looks like the rabbit population is on the up swing here.
  12. Outdoorsfellar

    First antlers of the year .....

    So it begins. This is the first pic of the year for antlers ( if you wanna call it that ) that my cams have captured. My wife & I actually saw him as he was following a doe out behind the shed yesterday as we were working outside. I have the new Moultrie 150 Panoramic cam arriving in a...
  13. Bowhunter57

    What's your target lake, this year?

    I want to try out some new waters this year. Lake Erie is one lake that I'd like to try, perhaps along Metzger's Marsh area. Kiser Lake isn't new for me, but I plan on spending more time there. Also, my brother and I want to plan a 2 day trip to try out some of the A.E.P. lakes, with our...
  14. Rutin

    3rd year!

    Well its the 3rd year ive had this buck on camera over in IN and this will def be the year he dies! In 2010 he was a wide but small 7pt (on film), 2011 pass him right under my tree for 10 mins on film (130" 8pt), Now 2012 hes back to a 7pt with a kicker beside each G1 and a kicker at the end of...
  15. R

    A few from last year.

    I havent been able to get any cams out this year but hopefully this weekend. Here is some from last year that I will be trying to catch up with.
  16. Kaiser878

    Leo is a dad AGAIN! For the second time this year!

    Pups were born last night! I dont have any photos yet. Will soon! 7 total, 3 girls 4 boys! All chocolate litter once again! We are plagued by chocolates apparently. ha Dont want to take any business from Ryans litter though. Obviously these wont be ready for 2 months!
  17. bthompson1004

    First cicada of the year

    anyone else hear any cicadas tonight? definitely didn't hear any last night, so for me tonight was the first night I heard them.
  18. Monster Raxx

    Goals for this year

    Who sets goals for the upcoming hunting season and what is your for this year?
  19. Monster Raxx

    Video of my 10 year old Son's first buck!

    Here is the video of my 10 year old sons buck. http://youtu.be/Tiu3EMP814E
  20. Monster Raxx

    My favorite pic from last year.

    Here is my favorite trail camera pic from last year.