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FOR SALE 1986 Chevy K20 with plow

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I have had this truck for years. Sadly, we just use it as a backup anymore. What is even more sad is the last two years it did not plow snow once! Well, it is not going to sit here anymore. This is too nice to let it sit and rot. The truck has 123kmiles on it.

We restored the cab on it approximately 5 years ago. Floors/cab corners/rockers/fenders/doors and we did it right. I cut and welded every night on that thing. I would hate to guess how many stitch welds I put on the floors and such to get them put in without warping the metal.

The transmission is is a 400Turbo automatic transmission which was rebuilt less than 5,000 miles ago. This was done by a shop. I have had them apart, but not this one. It had been too many years since I had one apart. We yanked it and let someone else rebuild it.

The engine was just rebuilt. Honestly, we haven't broken it in yet and any buyer needs to be aware of this. Once it is broken in there could be some minor adjustments to the carb and such which might need to be made. It runs great, but has only had the oil changed once since startup. I screwed myself on this one. Should have just bought a used junkyard motor for $300-400. I can dig up receipts if you would like me to, but I know we had close to $2k rebuilding it. Foolish me. I got carried away for a work truck.

The truck and plow has always served us well. The plow is a Western 7'6" Pro plow with wings and the heavy duty snow deflector. This truck can seriously stack some snow up! It was repainted probably 2-3 years ago. I am not sure it was used after we painted it. lol

This truck is nice for the year and such, but I will not sit here and tell you it is a show truck. The paint job was respectable, but it is not perfect. After all, it is a work truck. The interior is still 1986. Seat could use a cover and is broken down a bit on drivers side. Dash has some cracks. Carpet could use some cleaning. The heater does blow you out of the cab though! If the radio works, I would be surprised. There is also a crease along the passenger door where some college kid ran it along side of something. It is not rusting there, but I want to make you aware of it.

The flatbed that is on it is also heavy duty. I customized it myself. It was actually a HUGE flatbed which I cut down with the torch to size and welded up myself. Probably should have bought a plasma cutter prior to this job. Would have saved myself a ton of time and torch gas. I don't do things half way. This is probably over-built for a flatbed. The LED lights all around are just one of those things I seem to do to all our trucks. They are sharp in my opinion.

I don't know what else to tell you, the pictures will show you a lot. It is a strong old truck. I am listing it with the plow for $4500 or reasonable offer.


  • IMG00556-20110330-1457 drivers side.jpg
    IMG00556-20110330-1457 drivers side.jpg
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  • IMG00559-20110330-1458 plow rear.jpg
    IMG00559-20110330-1458 plow rear.jpg
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  • IMG00558-20110330-1458 plow and truck front.jpg
    IMG00558-20110330-1458 plow and truck front.jpg
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  • IMG00561-20110330-1459 interior.jpg
    IMG00561-20110330-1459 interior.jpg
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  • IMG00557-20110330-1458 passenger side.jpg
    IMG00557-20110330-1458 passenger side.jpg
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  • IMG00560-20110330-1458 flatbed rear.jpg
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Phil, is this still available? I know of someone who is looking for a truck with a plow.
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