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FOR SALE 1999 Chevy K3500 with plow

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I have some requests coming at me, so I will list up the trucks individually. Ol' Huckleberry was asking for some pictures earlier in the winter anyway. haha

Here is a 1999 Chevy K3500. Has 95,600miles on the 7.4L V-8. Automatic transmission. This is a truck i hate to see go. I almost hope the 2003 sells first. I might just keep this one. It is the last of the old work horses. Don't get me wrong, our 2003 has done everything I have needed it to do, but there is something about this ol' girl that I just love. Maybe it is the way it drives down the road? I don't know. It is a tight truck. Drives out really nice. Barely push on the throttle and it is cruising along. Steers and stops nice. It is just a tight truck. Even the driver's door closes without much effort. Takes more effort to shut the door on my 2005 Colorado. lol

Imperfections include one small spot of rust on the driver's side cab corner, a small tear in the driver's seat on the seam, missing the window handle on passenger side, and I can't remember if the AC works or not. I am thinking it did at the start of last summer but didn't at the end of the summer. Don't hold me to it on the a/c. Tires are fair at less than 50%. Would get you by for a while but will need changed out before too long. Other than the listed items and probably some minor dings/scratches here and there, the truck is truly in great shape for the year and miles.

Truck alone I am selling for $8000. Western 8' Unimount Pro plow is $2000. Buy them as a package for $9500. 419 233 9339 if you have anyone interested. thanks,Phil


  • IMG00532-20110324-1533 99 Chevy interior.jpg
    IMG00532-20110324-1533 99 Chevy interior.jpg
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  • IMG00530-20110324-1532 99 Chevy drivers side.jpg
    IMG00530-20110324-1532 99 Chevy drivers side.jpg
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  • IMG00526-20110324-1531 99 Chevy odometer.jpg
    IMG00526-20110324-1531 99 Chevy odometer.jpg
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  • IMG00535-20110324-1544 99 Chevy passenger side.jpg
    IMG00535-20110324-1544 99 Chevy passenger side.jpg
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